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4TH and Consecutive Labour/Birth

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spendalittlelivealot Mon 29-Nov-10 21:03:42

Inspire me!
Im preganant with baby number 4 and and curious to hear some experiences.
Did they get quicker/slower, More/less painful, later/earlier etc etc.

Mine were 9 hrs to fully dialated, then failure to progress caused emcs. 2 days early (this is a very long birth story!!!)

2nd was 2.5hrs start to finish, straight forward vbac with G&A 2 days late after sweep earlier that day!

3rd was 50 mins start to finish 5 days late! No pain relief!


Madhouse41 Tue 30-Nov-10 11:25:33

I've just had my 4th (2 weeks ago) and it was totally different.

DS1 - 45 hours, top up epidural ending in ventouse then forceps delivery with 3rd degree tear. (14 days late)

DS2 - 7 hours straight forward delivery with epidural that only worked down 1 side!! (10 days late)

DS3 - induced. 2.5 hours from start of contractions to birth with G&A. (Due date)

DD1 - 24 hours of strong contractions but not regulating. Went into hospital, had a sweep then about 8 hours later DD1 born with no pain relief. (2 days late)

I have to say that my 4th was the most painful but I wonder if that is because it is all so fresh in my memory. My 3 DSs are 13, 11 and 7 so maybe I just forgot how painful it was. I also had a waterbirth this time which I found terribly painful!! Good luck.

DiscoDaisy Tue 30-Nov-10 11:32:41

DD1 12 hours epidural due date
DD2 2.5 hours induced nothing 3 weeks early
DD3 10 hours g&a due date
DS1 15 hours induced g&a due date
DS2 8.5 hours g&a late by over a week but can't remember exactly. biggest but easiest.

Hope that all makes sense!

pearlgirl Tue 30-Nov-10 11:40:08

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

I had ds4 in April and had assumed that after ds3's quick and relatively painfree delivery (2 hours start to finish) that it would be similar this time. Ds1 and ds2 were both induced - 1 at 42+8 and the other at 38 weeks - i had an epidural with both but normal deliveries. ds3 appeared on his own at 42+5. With ds4 I expected to go over but was very dischuffed when we got to 42+12 nd I ended up being induced again - relatively quick after drip went in (3hours)- and I got through with g&a, even though I was telling dh we we were going home and it would be better to come back another day. We have a lovely little boy (7 months), who is very loved by his big brothers (12,10,8).

I think each one is different and hope that all goes well for you

LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 30-Nov-10 11:47:55

DS1 - Went Thurs night on and off till he was born on Sunday - WB in hosp - 9lb9.5 - 1 week early.

DS2 - 8 hours start to finish - WB in hosp - 10lb12.5 - 4 days late.

DS3 - 4 hours start to finish - 2nd stage 4 mins I think (!) - gave birth in bed at hosp - G&A - 8lb12.5 - 4 days late.

So... thought I was home and dry when I started with DD in April, though would be super quick. hmm
Was about 8hrs start to finish - gave birth in bed at hosp - G&A - 8lb14 - on due date.

All very different. DS3 was hardest - was on all fours over back of bed. Wish had been sat up in bed now as with DD as this was a much nicer position I found.

Congrats - 4 is great!

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