No Braxton Hicks - what does that mean?

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Eva3 Thu 21-Aug-03 16:29:02

I have not had any Braxton Hicks contractions this pregnancy and I am now 6 days over my due date.... Is this normal? Could it be a sign that full-term for me may be more 43-44 weeks perhaps? Bored and getting desperate....!!

ThomCat Thu 21-Aug-03 16:30:40

I never had a braxton hicks either, went 10 days over, took castor oil, had a 6 hour drug/pain relief free labour, so I wouldn't worry. Good luck

myersthecat Fri 22-Aug-03 14:22:48

I don't notice my Braxon Hicks as a general rule, but my midwife has assured me that I have them. Normally as soon as she tries to feel the baby!

As for going overdue, I'm not a very good example. 10 days today!

However, I'm almost certain of my conception date, and therefore my due dates. I think some babies just like to stay snug. This one is going to need a stick of dynamite I think!

Azure Fri 22-Aug-03 14:30:01

I never had any Braxton Hicks and I've never heard of it being an indication of an overdue baby. DS (my first) was 6 days late. Good luck in what I'm sure seems like an interminable wait!

zebra Fri 22-Aug-03 14:36:16

Er, first pregnancy I never felt any BH & baby came at 39 weeks exactly.

2nd week I had some BH, and she came at 40wks+2 days. Seems to be inverse law of your theory, Eva3.

mears Fri 22-Aug-03 14:47:09

Braxton Hicks contractions are there from very early on on pregnancy. Everyone had them but not everyone feels them IYKWIM. They are meant to be painless. In the run up to labour women often experience painful contractions for periods of time. There aren't necessarily Braxton Hicks but actual contractions. There are regular prelabour contractions also that are painful but is just the body's way of getting prepared for labour.
It is perfectly normal to go into labour without experiencing any of the above. I did, so don't worry. Doesn't mean that the baby won't come tonight

myersthecat Sat 23-Aug-03 06:43:18


Have just have my first few real contractions (or at least I think they are). Not horredous yet, but definitely noticeable, plus they do come more or less to the minute expected. (so far so good)

I was only saying to the midwife yesterday that I was worried that if I didn't feel the BH, that I wouldn't know when labour started. She said it would be unlikely that I didn't notice.

bloss Sat 23-Aug-03 23:51:03

Message withdrawn

Eva3 Mon 25-Aug-03 22:38:15

Back 10 days overdue, no contractions that I can feel. Thanks for letting me know that this is normal. I now only have 4 days for something to happen before my scheduled c-section. Am hoping that if not before, my visit to the OB on Wed will at least deliver a successful sweep...

Eva3 Tue 26-Aug-03 08:44:09

Woke up to a bit of stinging pain, that comes and goes and has a little build up. Not knowing what real contractions feels like....could this be it?

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