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Pain on right hand side of bump

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Mozismyhero Sat 20-Nov-10 18:26:15

I am 40 + 8 and have had a strong pain on the right hand side of my bump, quite high up. It is a bit like a 'stitch' but in the wrong place IYSWIM. It has gone now but was worse when I was moving around (was out shopping). Was painful enough to make me have to grab onto DH and cry out.

Has anyone had anything like this?

squiggleywiggler Sat 20-Nov-10 19:25:55

Was it constant or did it come and go a bit?

Mozismyhero Sun 21-Nov-10 01:15:53

Sorry, just checked back to this. It was constant for about 10 minutes but then went and hasn't come back. Strange. Maybe it was just because I was walking around shopping? Seeing MW tomorrow so will mention it to her I think.

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