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Montrose Birthing Centre vs Aberdeen Maternity Hospital

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raspberryripples Sat 20-Nov-10 17:28:05

Any Aberdeenshire mums out there? I'm quite keen on giving birth at the birthing centre in Montrose with my first- not a huge fan of hospitals although would of course use Aberdeen maternity hospital if necessary. However if I'm still classed as low-risk when the times comes, Montrose seems to have a lot going for it- birthing pools, calm atmosphere, one-to-one care etc. The only thing is the transfer time to Aberdeen if this was needed- 45mins to 1 hour, although they say the transfer rate is quite low. Would be great to hear about experiences at Montrose, couldn't find any other threads on Mumsnet about this!

sarahscot Sat 20-Nov-10 19:18:29

Wouldn't Monstrose let you transfer to Dundee in an emergency? Montrose is Shire, Aberdeen MH is Aberdeen City, so different councils anyway? I live in Fife but get the choice of Kirkcaldy or Dundee, Dundee being diff council.

raspberryripples Sun 21-Nov-10 00:17:40

They probably would, although Dundee is only about 10 minutes closer; plus we live much closer to Aberdeen so it would be easier to end up there if Montrose didn't work out.

preggersandhungry Fri 17-Dec-10 18:35:18

Do it! I had my DS who is now 2 and a half there and it is the most amazing place. I am pregnant just now and shall definitely go there for the birth. They are amazing post-nattily too and help you loads with feeding. When I was in there was a cleaner in every day, I has clean sheets put on every day, they would bring me a jug of iced water and tea and muffins when visitors came. Also your partner can be there at anytime. Go and visit and see the thank you cards all over the office, the visitors book and read what everyone writes and also the awards on the wall. They are up for another award just now for best team in UK. I could write about it for hours! Honestly, if you want a birth which is how nature intended it, go there! My labour and birth were amazing and I cannot wait to do it again!

raspberryripples Sat 18-Dec-10 16:13:10

Wow thanks preggers, great to get such a glowing report! Think I'll go for a visit as you suggest. Seems like madness not to go there really!! Good luck with your next birth too smile

lal123 Sat 18-Dec-10 16:16:47

If you live in Tayside then you'd be transferred to Ninewells. Have you considered the Midwife led unit at Ninewells? I had DD2 there and it was great - they have birthing pools etc - very non-medical with Ninewells labour suite very close. Only issue I'd have with Montrose is that (although I'm sure they are very professional etc) they don't have large no's of babies being delivered there?

raspberryripples Sat 18-Dec-10 17:00:21

Lal, we live in Aberdeenshire so Ninewells isn't really an option...see what you mean about the lower number of deliveries, but I guess that could be a positive thing too- the staff will have more time for those who do end up there!

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