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Elective Caesarian - anyone had one?

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Grommit Wed 20-Aug-03 16:45:28

There is so much pressure on to give birth naturally, even with complications, that I wondered if any of you have actually chosen to have a C-sec? If so why and what was the reaction from your doctor/midwife/hospital?

hmb Wed 20-Aug-03 16:52:22

I had an elective section the second time around. My first was an emergency c-section and I was given the choice of an elective second time around or a trial of labour, which I declined! As it happens ds was big and a footling breach so I would have ended up with a section anyway (and I had pre eclampsia). But I did want a section second time around. None of the medics had a problem with this. I'm not planning on having any more children, but if i did I would opt for a section. I was fine both times, and so were the children.

Lindy Wed 20-Aug-03 17:05:31

Not really answering your questions but I asked for an elective c/section ..... was refused one .......... ended up with an emergency c/section under full G/A !! (Had I had a vaginal birth both DS & I would have probably died).

It really annoys me if anyone ever says 'its so easy to get a c/section'.

fio2 Wed 20-Aug-03 17:11:54

I had an elective section 2nd time. First time I had an emergency section after a very traumatic birth. But when I asked for an elective section with my second pregnancy I was refused, the consultant didnt even read my notes so in the end I asked for a refferal to another consultant. We talked it over in full, it wasnt a blase decision and I did have very good reasons, and she agreed that elective section was the best way forward if thats what I wanted. But to be honest I think if you asked for an elective section for your first baby I do think you would be refused unless you did have VERY good reasons.

aloha Wed 20-Aug-03 17:16:18

I would if I had another. My friend has had two. Had to fight a bit but less for the second than the first. She's very small but quite scary! Mind you, elective doesn't mean 'chosen because you feel like having one', it only means that it was planned beforehand. I had an elective for ds but I had placenta praevia so had no choice (well, I did, but it was c-section or death!). I was quietly pleased to get a section though.
Are you thinking of asking for one?

ghengis Wed 20-Aug-03 17:25:59

I had an emergency c-section after DS (a horrible experience) and I was advised to have an elective with DD as there was a strong possibility of having a second emergency one anyway. The other thing is that my recovery after the elective was soooooo much better and I felt fully involved at all times. I was very happy with the whole process.

Grommit Wed 20-Aug-03 17:30:45

Aloha - I have a low-lying placenta so might have to have one - I also had a traumatic birth with dd and am worried about going through that again

JacquiF Wed 20-Aug-03 18:55:30

I had an emergency c/section with dd and when I went to see the consultant at the hospital at 36 weeks he was very keen that I deliver baby number 2 by elective c/section, am a bit daunted as was kind of preparing myself for vbac, he kind of dismissed my questions about vbac saying that the chances of a normal birth were less than 50% due to a failed ventouse & forceps last time. DH is pleased because he doesnt want me to go through that again but I still feel apprehensive about it all and think that the medical staff will think that I am 'opting out' of a normal delivery. Also have only told a couple of people about the section because everyone feels they have to express their opinions about it.

fio2 Wed 20-Aug-03 18:58:16

JaquiF that is why I had to have my elective section because my first was failed ventouse and forceps, it usually points to the fact you have a small or odd shaped pelvis so dont feel like you are 'opting out'.

aloha Wed 20-Aug-03 19:24:44

Grommit, I don't know how many weeks you are or where your placenta is, but normally most correct themselves as the womb grows. Is it right over the cervix or just near it?

twiglett Wed 20-Aug-03 19:48:41

message withdrawn

oliveoil Wed 20-Aug-03 21:13:48

I had an emergency section (under GA) and felt cheated after the birth as I felt that I hadn't had a 'normal' birth, I wanted ooh I can see the head, feel her on my chest etc and in the end didn't see her until she was over an hour old.

However, I had fantastic midwives/nurses/doctors who told me there is no such thing as a 'normal' birth and as long as mum and baby are fine, it is a success. Would have one again if necessary as my dd was in distress and at the time I would have done anything.

I will go in with an open mind next time and will go with whatever is suggested.

honeybunny Fri 22-Aug-03 21:35:55

I had an elective for ds2 (ds1 CS after induction and failure to progress). My consultant was more than happy to support my choice. With both I had a spinal anaesthetic, required only non steroidals and paracetamol for pain relief post op (advised on by my anaesthetist dh) and was home within 48hrs both times. I had no problems whatsoever. I have to admit it was convenient 2nd time around being able to organise childcare and paternal leave etc prior to the delivery, but that didnt dictate my decision. I went for elective mainly because I had no confidence in my body doing the labour thing naturally. ds1 was 16days late and after 12hrs induction, watching his heart rate dip to dangerous levels, I couldnt wait for them to wheel me down to theatre! I was told there would be no induction this time(dodgy for previous CS patients), and that if I made it to my due date I'd be having a section anyway, so I pre-empted them and had it at 38weeks instead.

Spod Fri 22-Aug-03 21:57:56

I'm booked in for an elective cs in October for my first baby because of back problems... didnt have to beg or plead... I think if you have a rational reason for one then your wishes should be considered... a traumatic first birth sounds like good enough reason to me. I'm sure you are aware of all the risks etc... If you feel strongly about it then your care providers should at least discuss it with you. If you're dismissed... change care provider!

jac34 Fri 22-Aug-03 22:19:31

I had an elective section with a first pregnancy.

I had had eye surgery for detached retinas a few years before, and nearly lost my sight (I still have very limited sight in my left eye).
It was concidered to risky to allow me to push during labour. So I was offered a vaginal birth, that would have a great deal of intervention, or a planned section.

As I was expecting twins, and having nearly lost my sight once (and spent 2 months partially sighted following the operation), it was an easy choice.
I must say though, even though it might be controversial, I personally think c section is the best thing since sliced bread, and every woman should be able to have one if she wishes !!!

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