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BIMBLEBERRY Thu 18-Nov-10 00:28:14

I'm booked in for an elcs at 39+1,but I said to consultant I would aim for vbac if I went into spontaneous labour before then.Now I'm 38+4,think I may have had a show and possible braxton hicks,(induced last time then emcs so not sure about labour signs).Really don't want to try for a vbac and worried I'm not going to make it to cs date,can I change my mind and go straight to cs?

Tangle Thu 18-Nov-10 10:06:39

How are you doing this morning?

If you're really sure you don't want a VBAC then call the consultant's secretary ASAP and let them know. As you have a CS booked anyway I'd imagine they'll tell you to just head in if you think you're in labour so that they can assess and (assuming you are) do an "emergency" - not planned for this time - CS. Even if they're not keen, if you don't want what's currently planned you need to contact them and see what the stumbling blocks are and what can be done to get round them.

But do try not to worry too much (I know that's easier said than done). Some women have a show weeks before going into labour, and BHs can appear well in advance as well. Both are a sign that your body is moving towards labour - neither say active labour will start imminently. (From personal experience, I had a show that went on for 5 days and BHs for about 4 weeks before having DD1)

BIMBLEBERRY Thu 18-Nov-10 19:50:00

Feel fine today occasional twinges and aches and pains but that's all.Midwife didn't seem to think it was imminent so I feel slightly calmer.Just the waiting drives you insane!

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