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post natal umbilical hernia

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Haggisfish Wed 17-Nov-10 22:56:42

Hello everyone
I had a baby four months ago by emcs, and it turns out I have a small umbilical hernia, caused by pregnancy!
My previously innie tummy button is now a slightly bulging outy, that I can pop in and out in a slightly odd fashion.
Has anyone else had one of these?
My GP just said it was one of those things, but if it ever became hard and rigid and I was vomiting, to go to A&E. I was ok about it until I thought, surely the smaller the hole (ie my tummy button), the more likely something is to get stuck in it?!
Any reassurance and stories of people having them forever much appreciated! I also have an anal fissure and pretty awful piles. the glamour of motherhood - no-one mentioned bloody hernias beforeI got pregnant!!

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