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Non-painful tightenings every 15mins...

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Lorelai Tue 16-Nov-10 11:11:15

... But only when I am moving around.

Have been having tightenings (uncomfortable but not painful) every 15 mins for the last couple of hours, while I have been busy, but as soon as I sat down to have a little break they stopped. Braxton Hicks or early labour? Bear in mind I am 38+3, 2nd baby and lost plug 2 wks ago plus a bit more mucus this morning.

Abcinthia Tue 16-Nov-10 12:35:40

If I were you'd I'd contact your midwife.

I started getting tightenings when moving and had lost my plug and didn't realise I was in labour - I thought it was just Braxton Hicks becuase I was expecting them to be more painful. I phoned my midwife, she asked me a load of questions and she told me to keep an eye on it because she was sure I was in labour because I'd had the tightenings for a few hours.

carlyvita Tue 16-Nov-10 12:43:32

On the other hand, lol, some of us have these tightenings for a goood week leading to established labour...

Nagoo Tue 16-Nov-10 13:16:53

I get that but when I sit down with my back straight, or stand up for a long time. Stops when i flake out in bed or on sofa.

I'm 2 days over. I'm ignoring it until it hurts.

Lorelai Tue 16-Nov-10 13:22:04

Kind of what I was thinking nagoo. Am just getting really impatient. Still, regular as clockwork for 4 hrs now, and starting to get slight ones when sitting down as well.

June2008 Tue 16-Nov-10 13:29:35

Sounds like early labour to me!

I had these tightenings from around lunch time every half an hour or so, and ignored them completely as I was convinced they'd go away. By supper time they were a bit stronger, but nothing serious. Went to bed, woke two huors later to put tens on, two more hours sleep got up for a wee and all hell let loose!! Waters went and dd2 was born within 70 mins!! Nightmare journey to hospital and was only there for 11 mins before she popped outshock

However, it was great compared to the 3 day marathon that was dd1!

Good luck!

Lorelai Tue 16-Nov-10 13:38:27

Ooh that sounds good!

I just wish someone could invent a test to say definitively when you are going to go into labour!

Goldrill Tue 16-Nov-10 13:56:07

ooh yes - it's the not knowing. Am 40 + 5 and resigned it may be a week yet - but I keep getting my hopes up just about every time she wriggles. blush

RememberToPlaywiththeKids Tue 16-Nov-10 14:19:25

I had this the day before I went in to labour. I first noticed them in the afternoon. When I woke the next morning I felt as if things were 'interesting' - ie noticing them slightly more. Then they just got more interesting and my waters went and I phoned the MW who asked how far apart and if painful and I said still every 15 mins but just slightly more 'something' than usual braxton hicks but no pain whatsoever. She said to phone if they got to 5 minutes (I was having a homebirth). So I did and she asked if they were painful so i said no. The MWs came anyway and DS arrived 2 hours later at 2pm.

Lorelai Tue 16-Nov-10 16:13:32

Now my back is hurting - constant pain in my lower back - might just be from over-doing it today but am really hoping that all these things together might mean things will get moving soon! (even though that does mean I will have to cancel my trip to see Harry Potter on Sat )

RememberToPlaywiththeKids Tue 16-Nov-10 21:19:00

Why would you - today is only tuesday wink.

How are you feeling now??

ellesabe Wed 17-Nov-10 04:13:42

I was having this too all the way through yesterday afternoon and evening, although they stopped when I went to bed and now I just can't sleep. I've decided to get up and bounce on my ball for a bit only to have them restart again! Argh!

Similar scenario - they don't hurt and are definitely 'different' from how I expected them to be (i.e. much higher up than I expected and nothing like period pains). I'm just noticing how regular they are...

Lorelai Wed 17-Nov-10 07:20:05

Well everything stopped completely overnight

Have 2 antenatal appointments today (oh the joy hmm) so hopefully they will be able to give me an idea of whether things are starting to get moving or if I am being paranoid!

ellesabe Wed 17-Nov-10 09:43:12

Snap! Except I don't have any appointments so you'll have to pass your wisdom on to me

Moffit Wed 17-Nov-10 14:45:17

Any News Lorelai?

Lorelai Wed 17-Nov-10 14:50:16

Not really. Had a few tightnenings but not as regular as yesterday. Just seen consultant who told me not to bother seeing mw but think I will as will probably get more info from her.

Lorelai Wed 17-Nov-10 17:42:10

Update - midwife didn't think my 'symptoms' were anything to get excited about so could be ages yet

Nagoo Thu 18-Nov-10 07:16:59

I felt a right idiot yesterday. Rang hospital but I think was talking myself into labour. BH continuous for 2 hours from half 5. Sharp pain in cervix but then nothing. Best night's sleep in weeks last night. I'm going to wacky warehouse to squeeze myself between the rollers and get this baby out wink.

Lorelai Yours still in?

Lorelai Thu 18-Nov-10 07:32:02


I am wondering though, can raspberry leaf tea make BH stronger? I never felt any until I started drinking it.

Nagoo Thu 18-Nov-10 08:13:40

Yes apparently it makes contractions more effective but won't start anything off sadly!

Lorelai Thu 18-Nov-10 08:35:15

No, I know but maybe it will make my BH 'do' something - they do have a purpose, right????

Oscalito Fri 19-Nov-10 15:25:54

I'm having non-painful tightenings every half hour or so too, and feeling really dreamy and odd. Wouldn't mind having the weekend just to relax, even though I'm dying to meet this baby it would be good to laze around for a bit longer! Sod's law I'll have it tonight.

StarkAndWitchesWillFindYou Fri 19-Nov-10 15:35:27

Early labour of course, but HOW early? Could be days! grin

I don't think it is as concrete as we like to believe. Labour is a process and there are many aspects to it. Just because it doesn't hurt yet doesn't mean it hasn't been triggered.

Rest rest rest and relax. Getting excited produces all the wrong hormones to get the baby out!

Lorelai Fri 19-Nov-10 16:45:41

Yeah, I'm hoping mine will wait until after the weekend too (or after Sat at least) - can come as soon as it likes after that though grin

Funnily enough, weeks and weeks ago I had an instinct that the baby would come either on the 21st/22nd Nov or 5th Dec - I don't know why, but I will be really freaked out if one of those turns out to be correct!

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