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Elective Caesarean - Positives and negatives- your experiences please not emerencies.

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lucybrad Wed 10-Nov-10 18:44:24

Following on from my epidural thread which was very enlightening, I wondered if you would be so kind as to provide me with your experiences of elective caesarean (not emergency as they are very different things!). Please only post your own experience so we can have a first hand view point.

ttalloo Wed 10-Nov-10 18:51:36

I had a planned EMCS (I had worsening pre-eclampsia, so DS1 was scheduled for delivery by CS with two days' notice so that I could have steroid injections to strengthen his lungs) but because I didn't go into labour and there was no drama surrounding the birth it felt like an elective.

And it was lovely. A bit scary going into theatre because I didn't know what to expect, and the spinal block was a bit freaky, but everything went smoothly, DS1 was fine and I was happy on morphine for the rest of the day. The next day I got out of bed and tottered to the loo for the wee, and the day after that I was walking round the hospital.

I took the pain medication that they gave me diligently for the first few days, but by day 5 I'd stopped and wasn't taking any more when I went home on day 8 (they kept DS1 in for that long because he was four weeks early, and me to make sure that my blood pressure had stabilised).

I tried for a VBAC with DS2, but ended up with a (well-managed) EMCS, and to be honest, I don't know why I bothered even trying for a VBAC. My experience of both my CSs was really positive and far less invasive and far easier to recover from than having my appendix out.

Bonkerz Wed 10-Nov-10 18:52:50

I had an elective section with my 2nd child.
The decision wasnt completely mine, i had a rough pregnancy with DD and my mum died when i was 24 weeks so i was a greiving mess and i had SPD too, My first birth was natural and very difficult with ventousse delivery and episiotomy which didnt heal well so all these things together opened the option of elective for me which i grabbed!
The date was booked at 34 week appointment and despite my VERY high BMI i had no problems at all.
We turned up on day at 9am and went down for section about 11. Epidural was the worst part and the rest was very quick. DD was born safely and cried immediately, DH was by my side right through. I was sick after in recovery but nurses were great and I was able to breast feed within an hour and had lots of skin to skin contact with DD.
First night was difficult as DD wanted to feed and i found it very hard to move to get her out of cot but nurses all helped.
The pain the next morning wasnt great as I had to shower and take the bandage off but was told after i should have asked for more painkillers!!!!!
24 hours after CS i was walking about and caring for DD on my own, 48 hours after i was home and by 3 weeks i was completely back to normal!

am pregnant again and have opted for ECS again which has been agreed for 8th May!

mac12 Wed 10-Nov-10 19:42:51

I had an elective with my second (the horror of first birth and emergency CS had not receded enough to contemplate anything else) and it was a completely different experience. One strange aspect was that this time I was fully conscious of what was going on and there was no emergency to deal with - lying on the table knowing someone was about to cut into my belly where my baby was suddenly felt very surreal and unnatural, part of me wanted to get up and run away (well, shuffle away...) But the whole experience was so calm, the doctors and nurses so calm and friendly and baby was out in ten minutes and I had lots of skin to skin while they sewed me up. Breast fed in recovery with no problems. I recovered much better this time and was home in less than 48 hours.

EvilEyeButterPie Wed 10-Nov-10 19:49:49

Absolutely lovely. I won't lie- I was petrified, I was crying and shaking, but tbh I do that at the dentist. By the time they actually started the operation, I was chatting away to DH, and then when they lifted the baby up it was like something out of the Lion King! (only a bit more gory)

I burst into happy tears as soon as I saw her- the bond was instant. Genuinely the best expierience of my life, and I would go so far as to say it "healed" my issues surrounding my first birth (crash cs)

Yes, the recovery is hard, and yes, your figure will never go back to exactly how it was, you will always have that scar. However, as long as you have good reasons for it (it is a major operation, but I'm sure you know that) I would fully recommend it.

If I went loopy and wanted another baby for some reason, I would be booking myself in for another lovely calm section.

Chynah Wed 10-Nov-10 19:52:40

I have had 2 ELCS (by coice) both lovely. Got to cuddle baby while they put me back together and fed in recovery. Painless and very quick recoveries from both.

thelittlestkiwi Wed 10-Nov-10 20:03:03

I had an elective C section for breech in NZ. It was very calm and went very smoothly. Worst bit was having the epidural which I hadn't expected. But it wasn't that bad.

It took longer than I expected to get her out. Turned out she had one foot in my cervix and one leg extended in the other direction. The Dr said she had to go back and make the incision bigger cos of her position. There is no way she would have been born naturally and I count my self lucky to live in the times when C sections are an option.

I'd have another without any questions at all. I was in for a week, but suspect that is standard here as normal deliveries stay in for 2/3 days. I had good pain relief and breastfed in recovery. The scar is fine and fading with time. And DD looked beautiful!

scoutliam Wed 10-Nov-10 20:11:49

I had an elective at my own request. Mine was under spinal anaesthetic.
I was up walking around, with my catheter out, the same evening.
No problems lifting the baby, no complications at all.
We were discharged home after two nights and are still breast feeding just over a year later.
I always say it was the best decision I ever made.

ElspethDiggory Wed 10-Nov-10 20:16:01

Positive: calm, happy atmosphere, radio playing and loads of smiling faces when ds was held up for me to see. I had a smooth recovery (minor infection which was quickly sorted with antibiotics)
Negative: forgot to pack dressing gown and slippers (as hospital was v. hot) and had to walk down to surgery wearing cardigan and trainers[blush[smile The other negative was over-doing it under the cloud of painkillers and then being in loads of pain when they wore off.

Two lessons: ALWAYS take the painkillers
ALWAYS take the lactulose they give you as the painkillers bung you up (that lesson was VERY painfully learned after first emcs)

I would definitely happily have another elective cs if I had more dc.

BagofHolly Wed 10-Nov-10 23:04:16

I had an elective section, which was actually passed due to placenta previa. It was the happiest day of my life and was very calm and pain free. I was very scared going down to theatre but the only pain I was ever in was a bit of fiddling with the canula. It all went a bit too quick, with hindsight, and when I'm sad, I relive it to cheer myself up!
My recovery was textbook, no problems with scar which has essentially disappeared, and I felt back to normal within a few weeks. I did exactly as I was told, took the drugs, and took it easy.
I'm booked to have another one with the twins I'm having. I wouldn't entertain the idea of giving birth any other way.

flowerybeanbag Wed 10-Nov-10 23:12:49

Wonderful. Calm, civilised, easy. Staff brilliant, quick recovery, can't fault it.

Only tiny minus was a suspected pulmonary embolism which turned out to in fact be a bubble of air under my diaphragm causing tremendous pain. Slightly scary but dealt with brilliantly and myself and DS2 were home two days after he came out.

I don't plan to have anymore but if I did I would certainly have another ELCS

lucybrad Thu 11-Nov-10 12:33:58

No ones having any negatives!

mamasunshine Thu 11-Nov-10 17:04:36

This thread is just what I need to read! May need to have an ELCS this time and was feeling very worried (terrified!) confused

barkfox Thu 11-Nov-10 17:22:16

I had an ELCS with my 1st recently. It was a wonderful experience - the epidural was strange, but I personally found it less unpleasant than those deep injections into the nerve they do at the dentist to numb your mouth. And mine wasn't totally straightforward either, they had some trouble getting it into my spine (tough dura, for some reason).

My DS was lifted out yelling, had an APGAR score of 9, and was BF-ing very quickly in recovery. The whole thing took about 45 mins, from walking into theatre to being wheeled out. I had a bleed of 1200 mls when they nicked a vein, which counted as significant, but because my iron levels were very good and I was otherwise fit and healthy, there were no side effects at all (no anaemia).

I was in hospital 2 nights - had a catheter in overnight, which was removed painlessly next morning, when I also got out of bed, carefully, and had a shower. I was very cautious moving around at home, and took it easy as advised, but recovered very quickly. I actually felt good after 3/4 days, and pretty normal within 2 weeks, although I was mindful not to overdo things as a result.

The only significant pain I had was when there was a mistake with my painkillers, and I didn't get my Voltarol. Which meant 24 hours after my op, I was just on standard paracetamol for a few hours, and needed Tramadol to knock the pain on the head after that. Otherwise, taking the painkillers as recommended dealt with the pain perfectly well.

Overall it was very positive experience, and better than I anticipated, especially the ease and speed of recovery.

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 12-Nov-10 10:45:59

I had an elective section for DD. The only difference between everyone else was I had a general anaesthetic. I went to theatre at 8.30, DD was out at 8.52 and I woke up at 6.30 that evening. I blame the anaesthetist, I argued with him which Isn't The Done Thing in Oman. DH had our DD on his chest for eight hour solidly.
If I were to ever have another baby, it would be section all the way for me.

bumperella Fri 12-Nov-10 13:31:38

This is such a reassuring thread to read - I may have to have a CS, but I think under general anaesthetic as I can't have any injection to the spine (am I right that the anaesthetic options are either spinal, epidural, or general?)

clarabellarocks Fri 12-Nov-10 20:47:11

This is really useful to read - but can I ask how those coped with a child already. I may have the decision to make in a couple of weeks too and one of my biggest things is not been able to pick my 2yr old up and cuddle her and being away from her for several nights in hospital(even though she'd be with my DH or mum).

BagofHolly Fri 12-Nov-10 23:35:16

Clarabellarocks, I can't answer your question but I'll be looking out for replies - my next CS is booked for early Jan and I have a hefty 20 month old son! I've bought a belt with a pocket in which you pop a cool pack and it also has a sort of sheild which sits over your scar so it can't be inadvertently kicked. Rather like a cricket-box for a laydee!

Bumperella, why can't you have a spinal injection or epidural?

lucybrad Sat 13-Nov-10 11:17:42

I wanted a thread that was not clouded by peoples experiences of emergency C section, as I am told the two are such differnt things. I think a lot gets blamed on the emergency c section, that really has been caused by the whole experience of trying to give birth then having to have a csec. I have had an elected c section myslef, and was interested to know if anyone had had any negative experiences, as my elcs went fine. Turns out they want me in on xmas eve, which means i will be in over xmas, but hey ho - its a great birthday for the little one!

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