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homeopathic remedies for child birth

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79parrott Sun 07-Nov-10 21:19:43

hi having baba no 3 in DEC this time I would love a natural birth was thinking about using tens birthing ball and homeopathic remedies.just wondering how have other moms found theses methods of pain relieve. please help all advise accepted.

HollyBollyBooBoo Mon 08-Nov-10 01:27:18

I had a 100% drug free labour and birth. Took aconite tablets for internal bruising starting a couple of weeks before due date.

TENS machine was brilliant although not entirely sure how much pain relief it gave but it certainly makes you concentrate on something other than being in pain as you have to switch between two modes!

Used birthing ball at home all week before the birth (had false labour every night for 5 nights before birth, nice).

Gave birth in birthing pool and had clary sage applied to my stomach to bring on the afterbirth.

Put lavender oil drops into shallow baths after birth to help heal stitches.

Had just the most fab birth and genuinely didn't feel the need for any drugs - which is very unlike me, the slightest symptom has me reaching for the medicine box!

japhrimel Mon 08-Nov-10 07:50:58

I'd try hypnotherapy - I'm currently using the Natal HYpnotherapy CDs and love them. Think they'll really help - to keep me calm if nothing else (and stress = more pain).

Water birth is also supposed to be really good - second only to epidural for labour pain relief!

I won't be bothering with homeopathy as I don't believe in it at all and it only works through placebo effect (no active ingredients at all).

childrenchildreneverywhere Tue 09-Nov-10 16:02:01

wow japhrimel - why do you have such strong feelings against homeopathy? (I've noticed your comments on several threads asking for support with homeopathy and you always write similar to this).

mrsgordonfreeman Tue 09-Nov-10 16:03:54

Probably because she's right?

Look, if you think it'll help, take it. It quite literally cannot do any harm.

TrillianAstra Tue 09-Nov-10 16:04:01

Homeopathy has nothing in it.

So, do as you like really, but if you are in a lot of pain please don't feel that you have failed if you have to take something that actually contains active ingredients.

Likewise dn't sit around waiting for the homepopathy to kick in, because it won't.

belgo Tue 09-Nov-10 16:06:32

I disagree about a water birth being second only to an epidural for pain relief - I've had three natural births, two of them were water births and the water did not relieve the pain at all, but did possibly help me into a more comfortable position to deal with the contractions.

I didn't use hypnotherapy but I did find a very supportive midwife and my dh helped a lot - I think I managed to hypnotise myself in the final contractions to get through it!

Are you planning a home birth?

mrsgordonfreeman Tue 09-Nov-10 16:09:02

But on a more constructive level:

TENS: tried this at the start, it takes the edge off and was fine for a few days. However after some time it just got irritating. It is worth a try but DO NOT let your husband/partner fiddle with it.

By "days" you may realise that I was in labour for a while, but no gory details here.

Birthing ball: OK for when you want to switch around, you can bounce on it or lean forwards on it. Good for the initial stages.

Water: Excellent, the water was such a relief.

I also had gas and air which in combination with the water was all I needed up to a point.

79parrott Tue 09-Nov-10 21:20:11

thanks a million No home or water birth am in Ireland.
But now was at doc today baba is small only 5 lbs 8 ozs back next Mon thinking about inducing. So don't know how my wish for natural birth will go just have to keep open mind as long as baba is ok..
Let you know how things go..

belgo Wed 10-Nov-10 07:46:55

Good luck, hope it all goes well, let us knowsmile

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