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When to call hospital?

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dairymoo Fri 05-Nov-10 13:09:20

Yesterday morning I had a show, and throughout the day felt more and stronger BH than usual. Last night baby was moving A LOT and when it did, especially when I was sitting down, it was incredibly uncomfortable. I rang the hospital for some reassurance that all was normal and they suggested I came in for a trace, which I did, even though the pain had completely stopped by the time I arrived hmm. Sod's law. The baby was fine though, and I was allowed to go home after waiting around for aaaaaages, got back about midnight.

I woke at about 4am with what felt like a fairly minor contraction, went to the loo, walked a way and felt a little trickle which I can only assume was some of my waters leaking. Tried to get back to sleep but a combo of general insomnia and restless legs kept me awake for most of the rest of the night. This morning I have felt a trickle a few more times (TMI but my pad is a little discouloured and sometimes when I wipe my discharge is a little pinkish) but I've only been feeling contractions every so often, very irregularly.

When do I need to ring the hospital again and tell them about my waters? I'm just aware that it's Friday and I don't want to go in an be monitored again unless things are hotting up, but then again I know the risk of infection increases once waters start leaking.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Am trying to get some rest at the moment whilst I can, but am not sure if I should be going for a long walk to speed things up so as to avoid induction!

BTW, DD is tomorrow.

ethelina Fri 05-Nov-10 13:12:24

I'd give your community midwife a ring today and get her to check you over. If she's concerned she'll advise you to call the hospital. They would much prefer you call for advice rather than sit panicking about whether its too early. They are used to this every day. smile Good luck.

dairymoo Fri 05-Nov-10 13:15:40

Thanks for responding. I am an 'out of area' patient (?) as I'm not delivering at my local hospital and the community midwife (for the more local hospital) only holds clinics on Wednesdays so I have a feeling that it's either drive to the hospital or sit it out at home......

Can I ring but refuse to go in for monitoring?

ethelina Fri 05-Nov-10 13:17:34

Yes of course you can. If all you want is advice thats all they'll give, unless anything you say gives them cause for concern, in which case they'll ask you to come in. Do it now and put your mind at rest.

They will be fine, honestly.

ethelina Fri 05-Nov-10 13:21:32

Have you anyone to come round and sit with you? It always seems better when there's someone else around.

dairymoo Fri 05-Nov-10 13:46:05

Called them and of course they want me to go in. I've said that I will, but that I'm going to wait for the contractions to ramp up a bit, or for my husband or MIL to get home which will be about 6pm tonight. They did say that if labour proper hasn't started of their own accord by tomorrow morning then they will need to think about getting things going. I can refuse that though, can't I? Or is it different/unwise if waters have started to go?

Am going to a friend's this afternoon with my DTs and I might ask for a bounce on her trampoline! grin

ethelina Fri 05-Nov-10 13:54:42

Just that once the waters go, theres more chance of infection as the barriers are down. No you dont have to do anything you dont want to but it depends how bad it gets. If DD is due tomorrow I might be inclined to go in when your DH is home and get it over with.

Many women have had waters break weeks before the birth, most dont have any problem with infection but when its your child you may feel better safe than sorry.

This time tomorrow you could be lying down with DD on your chest! How exciting is that!

Definitely do the trampoline grin

dairymoo Fri 05-Nov-10 13:58:34

That's what my MIL said too - if they are going to induce, might as well get it over with and ask for a pessary tonight, rather than in the morning as hospitals get more short-staffed the further you get into the weekend.

Sitting here nipple twiddling blush in the hope it might start things off properly! Def getting stronger tightenings, just hard to tell if they are real or strong BH. Will keep going....! grin

ethelina Fri 05-Nov-10 14:06:07

By the way if they tell you warm bath and paracetamol for the pain - bugger all use. Get the gas & air and suck on it for dear life.


lia66 Fri 05-Nov-10 14:20:22

dairy if waters are only trickling, it may be your hind waters or it may be that baby is nice and low ans stemming the flow.

If waters are only trickling, amniotic fluid will keep on being made until you are in labour and waters go fully, so you are less at risk of infection this way than if they had gone fully. Does that make sense?

Not sure i agree with your mil, "best get it over with" your body might not be quite ready for labour just yet, but is gearing itself up, the next 24 hrs may make all the difference as to a long (not a given I realise) induction or a natural labour.

Warm bath will help in the beginning, and also help to distinguish bh from real labour, as bath will stop bh, (generally) but even though it may slow labour down a little, it'll pick up again and once started won't be stopped by a bath.

Also a couple of paracetamol may give you a couple of hours rest, you may still have a way to go so you need to preserve energy in these very early stages.

Golden rules, Drink lots water, you don't need fancy energy drinks, I mean drink not sips,

eat something not too heavy, bananas are good for an instant boost but won't give you a long term boost,

Wee lots, a full bladder will get in way of baby.


Good luck.

ethelina Sat 06-Nov-10 07:05:31

Dairymoo any news?

dairymoo Sun 07-Nov-10 20:01:14

Yes! Baby girl born 1:28am on her due date, 6th November. Feeding well and lovely being back at home. Nipple twiddling def worked by the way!!! Thanks for the support smile.

ethelina Sun 07-Nov-10 20:46:16

Yay and congratulations Dairymoo,smile Now get some sleep while you can!

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