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jenn2 Sun 24-Oct-10 21:46:52

Can anyone help me???... I have a condition called coccadynia which was caused in my first child birth 19 months ago. I'm now pregnant again and worried about having a natural birth incase the problem worsens. Has anyone else got a problem with their coccyx and given birth??

BonzoDooDah Mon 25-Oct-10 16:02:54

Hi Sorry your message has gone unanswered so far.
Is this inflammation of your sacrum/coccyx joint? If so I had a similar thing - referred to NHS consultant who said "time would fix it". It didn't!
I went to see a chiropractor who did (external) manipulation and she fixed it! I can now sit down. It is fabulous after so much pain. I'd highly recommend a chiropractor. Private Message me if you want more details of where I am and where I went. I am sure you can have chiropractic treatment whilst pregnant as it is manipulation not drugs etc.

Good luck.

sarahscot Mon 25-Oct-10 21:00:13

I developed this when I was pregnant last time . . . well, I think I did, it wasn't given a name. I couldn't sit down for the last two months of pregnancy. I too was told that only time would fix it. It got slightly better after my DS was born, but took 5 or 6 months to be 95% better. I had to sit at an angle, leaning onto just one bum cheek so there was minimum pressure on my tailbone. Even now, over 3 years later it still hurts if I sit on a hard surface for too long. I'm 20 weeks PG now so just waiting for it to come back . . . sad

jobo30 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:34:32

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and have been suffering with a fractured coccyx since September 2009. Ive been seen by the consultant at my local hospital and I'm told there is nothing this can do for me, it just takes time apparently. That doesn't exactly thrill me as Ive now been in pain for 15 months. With being pregnant I can no longer take painkillers and now I'm faced with the fear of it breaking again during labour. If one fracture takes this long to heal, how long with another one take and then I'm faced with that extreme agony in the beginning which I can only describe as torture. Ive asked my maternity consultant if they will consider a section to alleviate any pressure in that area and they are very non-committal at the moment telling me that's worse than labour. For me its not the labour I'm dreading just a very very long recovery for the 2nd time

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