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2nd Degree Tears - Advice please!

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EgonSpengler Tue 19-Oct-10 17:53:44

Hi Ladies,

I hope you're all well. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Sept 15th (thank you mumsnetters for the daft questions answered throughout my pregnancy!), and sustained some bad 2nd degree tears (so I've been told by the consultant who stitched me up - I daren't look).

From what I can gather I tore my perineum, but also had some bad lateral tears as I was pushing for two hours. The consultant said that she didn't stitch all the tears as it would create to much scarring sad.

The stitches have been dissolving and coming out over the past few weeks. The questions that I wanted to ask are:

1) I still feel a bit 'raw' and occasionally itchy. Is that normal? I'm presuming the itching is a sign the area is healing (I'm praying it is actually, as I don't fancy having to put thrush cream down there at the moment)? I don't smell, so am hoping it isn't an infection.

2) When did you start using soap / shower gel to wash the area? I'm pouring a jug of warm water over myself every time I use the toilet, and wash the area with warm water every time I have a shower. Is that enough for now?

Thanks in advance!


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lillylane Tue 19-Oct-10 18:03:00

I had my daughter sept 22nd and also had a 2nd degree tear and an episiotomy(had an assisted delivery). I have been doing same as you: jug of water/ shower the area. My midwife also advised a warm bath twice a day with some tea tree oil or lavender oil in it. I just fill the bath about a quarter, put about 6 drops of oil in and sit in that for a few minutes. Seems to work, starting to feel normal!

CrazyPlateLady Tue 19-Oct-10 19:23:52

It is advised never to use soap or shower gel down there as it upsets the PH balance and makes you more prone to thrush.

Sounds like you are doing all the right things though. I had a 3rd degree tear and it was very sore for a good while.

EgonSpengler Tue 19-Oct-10 19:45:06

Thanks for that ladies! Feel reassured that it's going the right way.


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mum2oneloudbaby Tue 19-Oct-10 19:57:11

I had a 2nd degree with my dd and iirc i was at least 6-8 weeks before it felt anything like healed and much longer before I felt comfortable.

I was given some aromatherapy oil to use on my pad which really helped, it was a blend made in the maternity ward but can't remember what was in it. May be worth speaking to mw to see if they have something similar.

cardamomginger Tue 19-Oct-10 21:35:44

I had a second degree tear and a tear to my urethra when I gave birth to DC1 3 weeks ago. I have been washing with warm water (no soap cos of the pH) once a day on advice of GP. MW said that sitting in a bath with few drops of lavender or teat tree oil is also good. I have been dabbing with a clean damp flannel after having a wee (haven't had too many problems with stinging) and then drying off by dabbing with a clean dry flannel as I found that tissue was a bit harsh and tended to leave bits behind. When it comes to having a poo I cover the area with a fresh slimline maternity towel and use baby wipes to make sure everything is cleaned away properly. Unfortunately mine has become infected and has opened up. If you get ANY smell that doesn't seem right, or notice any discharge other than the usual blood, go straight to GP for antibiotics. I was TERRIFIED to look down there, but GP assured me it really wasn't that bad, and I needed to in order to be able to apply to cream properly. Even with the wound open, it really isn't half as bad as I thought it would be - the chances are you don't look that scary either. Good luck and really hope things heal well for you and soon! X

Firawla Wed 20-Oct-10 16:24:31

i had a 2nd degree tear and i think it took about 6 weeks for that raw and bit painful feeling to go, i think it all sounds normal it jst takes a bit of time to fully heal

chestnut100 Wed 20-Oct-10 19:26:20

arnica tablets really helped with my 2nd degree tear

Sabineba Thu 21-Oct-10 10:38:34

I had three 2nd degree tears back in June - one next to my urethra and two internal perineal ones. It took about 5 weeks until I could sit without a valley cushion, and probably a couple more weeks until it wasn't sore anymore. Having said that, four months on it still doesn't feel normal and sometimes I still feel like I've been kicked between the legs... and it definitely doesn't look anything like it did before!!

The lavender oil baths worked for me, as did an ice pack.

EgonSpengler Thu 21-Oct-10 15:00:06

Thank you so much ladies! That's all really helpful and makes me feel normal (well, as normal as one can be at the mo...). Stitches are coming out every time I go to the toilet, which is good. Just feel really sore and the area feels irritated. Will get some tea tree oil and see how that goes.


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mrsbigw Fri 22-Oct-10 20:10:50

It does get better with time, although it was over 15 years ago I remember it well. For me I just literally didn't feel like myself anymore for several weeks & everything felt like it could fall to pieces at any time (sorry if TMI). I was told to take very stingy salt baths- ouch!

PeacefulP26 Tue 22-May-18 23:58:01

I’m going on two weeks post partum this Wednesday. This is my first baby. I had a vaginal birth & had a 2nd degree tear. I was looking “down there” yesterday to put anti-itch cream because I believe I’m setting up a yeast infection. There is a piece of pink tissue that is hanging in front of my vaginal opening. I believe the dr didn’t stitch me up right. Or I have moved a certain way & it has come undone in that spot. Has any other ladies went through this? Should I try to get an appointment sooner than my 6 week appointment? I’m panicking. It just doesn’t look the way it did before which I understand it’s not going to look the same. But wouldn’t that piece of tissue get in the way of having sex & a tampon? I called the dr yesterday but they told me the nurse will call me back. I haven’t heard anything.

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