how many cm dilated were you when you got to hospital?

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lennon80 Sat 16-Oct-10 16:56:46

Hi there,

I am just wondering when women first presented at hospital (ie couldnt cope dealing with the pain at home) when you were examined how many cm dilated were you.

It seems that labour is so varied that some women present at all different stages but just curious to know so when I go in I know if it is usual to present at two cm or six cm etc

Also for anyone who had an epidural how many cm were you when you had it?


topsi Sat 16-Oct-10 17:02:23

Fully dilated within 2 hours!

StarkAndWitchesWillFindYou Sat 16-Oct-10 17:03:07

dunno. refused all internals

lucykate Sat 16-Oct-10 17:04:23

with dd, 8cm. with ds, 5cm. no epidural with either.

PfftTheMildySpookyDragon Sat 16-Oct-10 17:06:16

With DS first, I wasn't dilated at all - I had to go in as I had PROM.

With DD I was 4cm when I got there and I had her 40 mins later

serenity Sat 16-Oct-10 17:06:27

3cm with DS1, 5 with DD (iirc)

Weirdly enough I went in to be induced with DS2, but was already 2cm dilated when they started (wasn't in labour though)

phipps Sat 16-Oct-10 17:07:21

1cm but I didn't go because of the pain. I was told too. I was 10 cm very very soon after and had the baby 3 hours after arriving at the hospital.

serenity Sat 16-Oct-10 17:07:28

Oh sorry, didn't have an epidural with any of them.

suiledonne Sat 16-Oct-10 17:07:46

On dd1 had an internal when I arrived and told 2cm but felt the urge to push after about half an hour. The midwife didn't believe me but was pursuaded to check me again and dd1 was on her way. Went 2cm to delivery in less than an hour.

DD2 - I was 10cm and pushing when I arrived but the entire labour was less than 2 hours long and the hospital a 40 min drive so I was lucky I made it at all.

ChasingSquirrels Sat 16-Oct-10 17:07:59

10cm when they checked - which couldn't have been that long after I arrived as he was born within 2 hours of arrival. I only went in cos my waters broke and they said come and have it checked out.

OooeeeoooeeeoooeeEthel Sat 16-Oct-10 17:09:09

7cm. No epidural. Born within 4 hours.

emsyj Sat 16-Oct-10 17:09:56


Didn't have an epidural. gas& air was bliss - wonderful stuff.

lennon80 Sat 16-Oct-10 17:13:55

I just watched an episode of 'one born every minute' on 4OD and there was a woman screaming her head off for an epidural and she was only 2cm. Its really freaked me out! Thanks for all your answers ladies. Good to know it was 'manageable' for some until transitional stage.

pissedrightoff Sat 16-Oct-10 17:15:31

7cm when I left my house, 30 min drive to hosp, had DD within 40 mins of arriving at hosp.

thefatladyscreams Sat 16-Oct-10 17:16:03

10cm - had been looking forward to gas & air on arrival at hospital only to be told it was too late! DS came 31 minutes after we arrived.

LittlebearH Sat 16-Oct-10 17:17:31

Some of you are amazing!! Took me 49 hours to get to 10cm. Was admitted at 3cm.

domeafavour Sat 16-Oct-10 17:17:51

3cm and they told me to go home blush but I had been in labour for a day already! Took me another day to deliver!

loujay Sat 16-Oct-10 17:17:59

Another 10cm here!! DD born about 5 mins after arrival.

Georgimama Sat 16-Oct-10 17:19:20

4cm and had been labouring for 36 hours already. Had already gone the evening before and was told not dilated at all. Cried.

Took another eight hours before DS was born.

Wigeon Sat 16-Oct-10 17:20:08

6cm. Had been in active labour for 7 hours by that point and had DD 3 hours after getting to hospital.

I wouldn't say that I went to hospital at that stage because I couldn't cope with the pain, because I used the same pain relief at home as at hospital (TENS). Rather, I went because I wanted a hospital birth (midwife-led unit) and needed to get myself there at some point, and they wouldn't let me go until my contractions were 3mins apart and had been for about 2 hours. We'd rung the hosptial sooner but they kept saying "oh, you're doing fine, stay at home and ring us in a bit"!

I would say the whole thing was "manageable" (in retrospect!), if still extremely painful.

Lulumaam Sat 16-Oct-10 17:20:43

with DS induced, so went in at 0 cm and not in labour

with DD, i went in when the pain was awful and had been contracting for 10 hours or so, the ctx were every 3-4 mins too.

i was 2 cm

due to being high risk as i had previous c.s, i was kept in and was 3 cm about 4 hours later

3cm - baby in arms was 3 hours 15 minutes though

Wigeon Sat 16-Oct-10 17:20:53

OP - are you expecting?

Fredfred Sat 16-Oct-10 17:21:55

5cm when I went in.
Had an epidural about an hour and a half later. They didn't examine me before so don't know how dilated I was when I had it. They examined me 20 mins after I had it though and I was fully dilated, so not sure if I would have been given one if they had examined me before they gave it IYSWIM!! I didn't refuse an examination, they just never asked to do one!

Narketta Sat 16-Oct-10 17:22:59

With DS I was 5cm dilated when I arrived at 11.55pm, after being monitered DS was in distress so I was wheeled down to theatre and prepped for a c section but in the time it took to prep me I had got to 10cm and gave birth to him on the operating table at 1.08am.

With DD I didn't even get to hospital she was delivered at home by DH. First contraction was at 6.15am and she was born at 6.59am. grin

cluelessnchaos Sat 16-Oct-10 17:23:19

Dd1 3 cm, born 10 hours later, dd2 induced 4 cm born 2 hours after my waters broken, ds 9 cm born 5 hours after arriving, this time I am hoping for home birth and take away the stress of an hour journey into hospital

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