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Home Water Birth with Cats?

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knittakid Fri 08-Oct-10 12:26:23

I'm 20 weeks preg and seriously thinking about having a home birth, hiring a pool to birth in. The issue is, we have to very curious, involved cats.
Has anybody got any experience of using a pool with cats in the house? it would not work to have them out, as this is my first and it might be along labour (and they are too spoiled smile).

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knittakid Fri 08-Oct-10 12:27:31

'Two' cats, and 'a long', I meant, sorry.

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LadyintheRadiator Fri 08-Oct-10 12:28:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShowOfHands Fri 08-Oct-10 12:30:02

I had two cats when I had dd. One of them used to get in the bath with me so I was a bit worried when I planned a home waterbirth. They went out in the morning as labour started, came home an hour later, laden down with rats and mice (only time they ever did that, I think they knew), then retreated to another room.

They were very attached to me during the pregnancy and liked to sit on the bump, but during labour they kept well away.

LynetteScavo Fri 08-Oct-10 12:31:52

Cat's don't like water, so probably wouldn't want to jump in with you.

My cats were no where to be seen when I had a home birth.

The cats would be fine if you did put them out...(how long are you planning to be in labour anyway? grin) They are going to have to learn their new pecking order soon enough.However much you think you love your cats, you will go ballistic if you find them in the cot.

herjazz Fri 08-Oct-10 12:33:53

Eh? Couldn't you just shut them in a another room
tbh I don't think yr likely to give a toss whether they are in the room or not when you are giving birth. And don't cats hate water? So be unlikely even curious and involved ones would be dipping their paws in

Restrainedrabbit Fri 08-Oct-10 12:33:54

I've had two hwb with cats and they stayed well away! Both affectionate ones too.

FerminaUrbinoDaza Fri 08-Oct-10 12:35:04

Lol. Cats will be the last thing on your mind. I certainly wouldn't not have a HWB for the ake of them, although TBH I struggle to see what the issue could be.

I have two very present siamese and didn't see or think of them at all during my HB. Had to scrap the pool bit and make do with the hsower as it was all so quick.

knittakid Fri 08-Oct-10 13:09:36

The thing is they do like water because they are bengals, and always get in the bath, dip their paws, etc.

I'm also worried they might puncture the pool?

How amazing showofhands, a little present for the new little one eh?

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narmada Fri 08-Oct-10 13:21:31

Really, shut them in another room. Like others have said, you won't give a flying one about cats when you are --gripped with searing pain-- beatifically bathing in your birthing pool.

narmada Fri 08-Oct-10 13:21:52

Oh why does it never work when I do the strike-out thing??

mungogerry Fri 08-Oct-10 13:25:02

My cat kept well out of the way during labour/birth

smilehomebirth Fri 08-Oct-10 16:59:16

You've surely seen Angela's story (the one with cats) on the homebirth ref site?
She had at least one cat falling in, probably not a blow-up pool though.

islandbaby Sat 09-Oct-10 06:12:20

I have a bengal too, and I know they don't take kindly to being shut away from the family and any action in the house!

knittakid Sat 09-Oct-10 10:46:54

yes smilehb I've seen it and wondered what kind of pool it was. Have to check their types, etc.

Thank you islandbaby, so you understand! I would not be able to relax with the two of them wailing away upstairs... which they would do no matter how long it took smile

Fermina was you pool inflatable?

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BreastmilkDoesAFabLatte Sat 09-Oct-10 19:56:22

I was curled up with the cat when my waters broke. He was so freaked out by the experience that he demanded DH to let him out... and he didn't reappear until after DD arrived!

marenmj Sat 09-Oct-10 19:59:57

mine (a sphynx, so also likes to jump in the bath with me) refused to be in the same room as DD for two months. Now that I am pg with #2 he has taken to incessantly kneading my bump. DH says he's only done that when I was pg, but I suspect I've only noticed when pg because it hurts grin

knittakid Sun 10-Oct-10 11:18:47

smile at breastmilklatte story, and at your name as well, it's fab! does it really?

Marenmj mine are very aloof with me at the moment, and we imagine they won't take kindly to a newcomer, so expect the same thing that happened to you.

My main worry is them puncturing the pool right at the moment when it is most needed...

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