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Katherine Tue 05-Aug-03 12:05:44

According to my aromatherapy book Clary Sage is very similar to Entonox if you put it on a flannel or tissue and breathe at the onset of a contraction. Seeing as my MW this time decided to play by the rules and NOT bring the entonox down ready but bring it at the time, which is not much help as I was 8cm by the time they got here last time, I was thinking of giving this a go.

I've got myself a bottle and the flannels are ready with the other gear but reading up on it last night in another book it was described as anti-spasmodic - does that mean it will actually reduce the effect of the contractions. I don't want to slow things down just for the possibility of some slight pain releif.

Just wondered what you aromatherapy experts out there thought and if there is anything else you'd recommend for labour. Living in a haze of lavender anyway at the moment and also got Rose. Anything else I should have ready?

miranda2 Tue 05-Aug-03 12:11:56

I'd read clary sage was meant to help bring on labour so you should avoid it - so I went and got a big bottle when I was overdue. Didn't work though

Wills Tue 05-Aug-03 14:05:32

I've always thought of anti-spasmodic as anti sickness?

Katherine Tue 05-Aug-03 14:16:03

Well I was having some wonderfully strong BH last night and of course getting excited (can't help it!) - put some lavander and clary in the bath and everything instantly went quiet until morning. Bummer. So then read up and discovered it was anti-spasmodic so thought maybe that was why. Or maybe its just having my feet in a bucket of lavender water all day has sent the little one to sleep!

Beccaroll Wed 06-Aug-03 19:01:12

What is Lavender supposed to do to help in the late stages of pregnancy?

Ive only ever heard of it being used to relax?

linzoid Wed 06-Aug-03 19:09:09

I've allways thought of clary sage as an invigorating aroma, as a pick me up when feeling tired or down. I have read that it is supposed to be almost euphoric.

SoupDragon Wed 06-Aug-03 19:12:32

I think Clary Sage smells horrible!!

myersthecat Thu 07-Aug-03 13:32:40

I did a course a year or so ago on aromatherapy. Clary Sage is described as having a narcotic effect, exaggerating drunkeness. I don't have it as an antispasmotic, but it is said to strengthen the uterus, lower blood pressure, act as an anti-depressant and a europhic sedative (guess that's the drunk bit!!).
It does say not to use during pregnancy, however, to use during labour mixed with rose oil for massage/or other.
Again rose helps with menstruation, strengthening the uterus, lowering blood pressure as well as being an emotional rebalancer!

They recommend a warm compress with lavendar oil for labour pain too. Mainly for soothing properties. It can also help lower blood pressure and calm emotions!

I'm planning to try a bit of both when I go into labour (whenever bump decides that it would like to make an appearance!!)

Another good oil (again not that nice smelling) is tea tree. That has very good antiseptic properties. Taking that in to add to any post labour baths to try and prevent any infections and promote quick healing! Lavendar can be added as well to promote a healthy immune system and quick healing.

Hope this helps!

wobblymum Fri 08-Aug-03 17:51:39

Clary sage can ease spasms, which is why it can affect BH's, but if your body wants to have real contractions, it will have them regardless of the clary sage. Just as if it wants to slow down it will, whether you like it or not.

Why don't you try using it beforehand and see how much it relaxes you to see if it's worth it. Then you could use it as soon as you start getting any contractions and if it does slow them down so much that it makes an obvious difference, you can stop and still have plenty of time for things to pick up pace again.

Philippat Fri 08-Aug-03 19:27:16

there was someone recently who described her home birth using clary sage to get through the contractions when the gas and air ran out.

i'll see if I can find it.

Philippat Fri 08-Aug-03 19:30:00

here you go

Wooge, about half way down.

Katherine Sat 09-Aug-03 12:14:58

Thanks guys. I've tried using it in the bath twice now and both nights the baby has gone really quiet and I'VE SLEPT! All my other nights the baby has wriggled none stop with loads of BH so it does look as if it quietens things down for me. Which is a bummer as I'd love to have a more natural form of pain releif but don't want to slow things. Guess I'll just have to see how it goes on the day (or night!).

Interestingly though on that other thread Woodge says it gave her contractions a real boost so maybe it does work differently for real contractions. We'll have to see. Just need the bloomin' contractions now.

woodge Thu 14-Aug-03 21:41:37

I know you've read my thread about clary sage and contractions and just wanted to say that it was amazing when I used it. I'm not sure of it's pain-relieving qualities (although maybe it would have hurt a lot more without), but it was fantastic when my contractions died down. I had it in a massage oil (nothing else) spread on my arms and I would take a deep breath and immediately get a strong contraction. My midwife says everytime she smells clary sage she thinks of me!

holistix6 Fri 15-Aug-03 11:43:11

hi this message may be a bit late but you could try Rosemary this is a stimulant although it should not be used if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy,Lavender is also a great oil to accompany it as it is also a pain-reliever.Clary sage is a deep relaxant for the muscles so this is probably why it wouldnt work.

myersthecat Sun 17-Aug-03 19:14:02

One of the NCT ladies told me that Clary Sage was also good to encourage labour. She said it worked wonders for her. Tried it on Friday to see if it would get my bump going. Bump kicked like crazy while I just got spaced!!! (Oil burner while on mumsnet!) Other half came in and after half an hour said it was doing his head in too!!

Still no sign of labour though!

I think we all react differently to things! But I still refuse to try Castor Oil!

Cha Tue 26-Aug-03 23:02:59

An aromatherapist told me that Clary Sage massaged with oil into the bump is the best thing for bringing on labour. She said the last woman she advised who tried it went into labour 10 minutes later. IMO though, nothing makes a baby come until it's ready. Unfortunately. My due date is now 5 days away, so no doubt will be trying everything like I did last time. To no avail. Well, almost everything. Not the Castor Oil for me this time....

JacqsS Thu 10-Aug-06 09:59:39

brand new to this site although 7+months pregnant. Wanted some previous users advice on clary sage. I have been advised by an aromatherapy-knowledgeable friend to use it to try and encourage labour. The story behind it is that I had a stillborn son at full term in 1996, followed by an induced labour at 37 weeks in 1997 which took so much longer than I had had at full term with the other 2. I am being induced this time - at around 38 weeks and am of the opinion that this babe will most likely take a long time due to not being ready to be born naturally yet. Clary sage seems the best solution but from what I've read on here if it has the relaxing effect some seem to have experienced it will not help but stress me out further, as I only find peace of mind currently when baby is active (due to my history!)
I have some lovely bubble bath which contains clary sage so not as potent and have just ordered some of the oil for future use (cannot use lavender due to my husbands chronic asthma)but am scared to even think of using either. Any advice?

Kiwifern Mon 12-May-08 08:09:16

Hi. they discussions here are quite old but I thought I'd add my bit anyway. I had a water birth with my son and had no medication and used clary sage throughout the whole labour and would swear by it.
In early labour at home I put some on my t-shirt and just breathed through the contractions. In 2nd stage labour I was in the pool and my husband drenched a towell and either had it on the side of the pool in which i buried my face, or held it to my nose so i could breath through. Personally i think it made difference for me and my labour experience and would recommend it totally. It's soothing and empowering. Just what a birthing women needs ;-)

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