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Bleeding after a section

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starshaker Wed 11-Aug-10 22:18:53

I was just wondering what is normal. I am 8 days post section and i still havent bled at all

Meglet Wed 11-Aug-10 22:21:11

I bled quite a bit post em cs and planned cs. Took over a month for it to die down IIRC.

starshaker Wed 11-Aug-10 22:50:37

anybody else?

QTPie Wed 11-Aug-10 22:54:03

I bled very little at all for the first 8 days, thendropped a number of sizeable clots (got checked out by the hospital) and then bled for the next 5 weeks.... After those clots, nothing was heavier than a normal period (I don't have particularly heavy periods...). I was told that the delay was because things just hadn't been pushed through properly (the surgeon pushes a finger or something through to open the cervix - my cervix hadn't opened properly and the blood had gotten backed up).

You may be lucky and you may have been completely "cleared out" during the surgery (and won't bleed at all ) or you may start bleeding (like I did).

Hope that you recovery is going really well and congratulations


mummynoseynora Wed 11-Aug-10 22:55:30

I had it up to around the 6 weeks both times -the first 5 days way REALLY heavy then after that died down to a normal period then just dribs and drabs for the last couple of weeks

Mumcah Wed 11-Aug-10 22:55:38

I bled for about 8 weeks,which I think is the upper end of normal.Don't think there was a difference between my EMCS and ELCS.
Maybe ask your HV or midwives if you are still seeing a Midwife?
Sounds unusual to me but I've no idea!

barkfox Thu 12-Aug-10 08:16:10

I'm 4 weeks post ELCS - bled like heavy period for 5 days/1 week, then stop/start very light bleeding since then.

MW at hospital said that CS patients tend to bleed less overall than VB patients post-delivery, as they get 'cleaned out' more during the op - but that it could follow more of a 'stop/start' pattern, so not to worry if that happened. Not sure about not bleeding at all,though, sorry.

Chynah Thu 12-Aug-10 17:32:25

My bleeding was very much like QT describes with my 2nd ELCS. First ELCS it was just like a period (only a 5 week one!)

Bechka Thu 12-Aug-10 20:18:09

With my ELCS, I bled lightly for days rather than weeks. I remember feeling concerned that there was not enough blood!

With no bleeding at all I would probably ask your midwife, just for peace of mind.

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