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Any experiences of Gloucester Royal?

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spilttheteaagain Mon 02-Aug-10 21:13:06

Hospital wise I have a choice of Gloucester or Cheltenham but Gloucester is somewhat nearer.

Does anyone have any experience of giving birth in Gloucester that they would be happy to share?

I'm also toying with home or the MLU at Stroud, but aware that in either case a hospital transfer may be necessary in the end anyway.

So, Gloucester, what's it like?

What facilities are there? Private rooms? Ensuites? Birth pools? What is the BF support like, the delivery & postnatal care, the food etc?


Barbeasty Tue 03-Aug-10 10:03:20

I started in Stroud and was transfered to Gloucester almost 6 weeks ago.

The delivery at Gloucester was "good" (given that I was transfered due to lack of progression and ended up having a forceps delivery with spinal block as DD's head was back to back). The staff were lovely, supportive and kept me and DH very well informed throughout. I did spy 1 birth pool as I was being wheeled through up to the postnatal ward.

I have limited experience of the postnatal ward, as I got myself transfered back to Stoud ASAP. On that ward they didn't tell me where the showers or even toilets were (I had to send DH for a wonder to find out for me); I wasn't told what would happen regarding food- given that I couldn't walk due to anaesthetic and I could see other people walking back from somewhere with the trays I was a bit concerned for 20 mins until somebody brought me some! Although, it is really bad. The BF support was not good. It was great on the delivery ward, where we were set up to do an initial feed, but then DD fell asleep (not surprising when she had been awake throughout my 29+ hr labour) and nothing would wake her. The staff had a jolly good go every 2 hours, but in the end sent around a HCA to roughly hand express me into a syringe. No advice or help was offered. I don't know about privat rooms etc.

Stroud on the other hand was fantastic. The food is really good, the staff are always on hand- even if it's to give you an hour away from your baby so you can sleep! They give masses of support with breastfeeding, bathing and everything else you want. Both their delivery rooms have pools and are ensuite. There are a few private rooms on the post natal ward, but even the general ward is far more private and relaxed than at Gloucester. There's no rush for you to leave if you want to stay that little bit longer. Also, you can phone them any time for advice until 28 days post delivery.

Even the transfer wasn't too bad. They will move you before things get serious, if it's needed.

Overall, the delivery is great in either Gloucester or Stroud, but if I do it again I would definitely want postnatal care at Stroud and not Gloucester.

spilttheteaagain Tue 03-Aug-10 20:54:08

Congratulations on your new DD barbeasty, and thank you for sharing your story.

I'm sorry you seemed to be forgotten on the postnatal ward, that sounds really isolating.

You've echoed what I've heard before about how great the care is at Stroud, thank goodness it didn;t get closed a few years ago!

Anyone else got stories of Gloucestershire deliveries?

carol888 Thu 30-Jun-11 10:51:09

I'm going to give birth my first child in life. My midwife asks me to choose either Great Western hospital in Swindon or Gloucester Royal Hospital. Which one do you suggest?l

Barbeasty Fri 01-Jul-11 19:29:54

I've heard great things about Gloucester recently, from quite a few people who have given birth there.

It's all brand new, and people have said it almost felt like a private hospital.

WiiUnfit Mon 04-Jul-11 15:02:19

Hi carol, I had DS at GRH 3 weeks ago. I was admitted for pre-eclampsia on the Monday evening, given hormone pessaries to induce labour on the Tuesday & given the hormone drip which led to fetal distress & an EMCS on the Wednesday so my experiences may be somewhat different. However, here it goes:

The triage midwives / ob's are a mixed bunch, some are absolutely lovely & really reassure you that they are keeping an eye on you & LO. They can sometimes be a bit slow & a bit lax though - I was left in a waiting room for 3hrs with pre-eclampsia & my BP was not checked once. Another lady there had not felt her LO move all day & was left unchecked for 2hrs, I felt they could have sent a midwife out to at least check her with a doppler, poor love!

The maternity ward staff again are a mixed bunch, some have an ability to make you feel so unwelcome & like you are being such a pain - when they started the hormone pessaries DS was back to back so I was in absolute agony & felt awkward every time I requested painkillers due to the rolled eyes I got!

The staff in the consultant-led delivery suite were absolutely fantastic, I had one-to-one care with an amazing midwife called Dee, she could not do enough to make sure I was comfortable & remained calm when things started going wrong. My anaethetist, "Dr Ash", was brilliant, he talked me through the epidural & why they felt they had to do one - to lower my bp, he was so reassuring. The ob's consultant I saw when DS started getting into distress was again brilliant, reassured me & explained exactly what their new plan was - stop the drip, monitor DS for an hour & if the trace was normal restart the drip very slowly, if DS was still in distress / got into distress again they would perform EMCS. DS was fine for the hour monitoring but got into distress again soon after they restarted the drip, 5 minutes later I was on the operating table. "Dr Ash" was fab, reassured me through the whole op, even when I lost a lot of blood.

After my EMCS, I was put on the maternity ward once again where the staff were, again, a mixed bunch. Some made you feel like a pain for asking for pain relief - I was in agony. The support I got with bf'ing was laughable, the midwife I asked 3 times to help me get DS latched properly simply said "yeah, do that" & walked off, didn't once check DS's latch or positioning.etc sad I ended up in floods of tears & eventually a HCA helped me get him latched. I felt like the shoddy help I received may have been because I was the only one in the ward of 4 who was bf'ing, the others were ff'ing so only needed a bottle bringing to them. sad

Like I said, my circ's were quite traumatic so it may not be a true reflection of GRH, but I hope this helps!

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