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What to take wife in hospital after birth

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Mehere001 Thu 29-Jul-10 12:52:38


After a long labour, 2nd degree tear and catheterisation, my wife is having to stay in hospital overnight (gave birth at 2342 last night).

So, I'm heading back there at 1400. The bag with her has all manner of clothes in, some toiletries, book etc..

What do you recommend I bring in to her?

So far I've got:
more books
lip balm
hair band doo-dahs
boiled sweets
some hideous pre-packaged cheese
baby hat which makes me laugh
paper and pencil
totally random assortment of toiletries which smell
nice hair brush

Any one who's been through this, is there anything else I should take to make it more bearable?


alarkaspree Thu 29-Jul-10 12:58:12

I think you've done well. I doubt she'll get around to reading many books but no harm in bringing them.

Food in hospital tends to be horrible, I'd maybe add a nice sandwich and some fruit to your stash. I sent my dh out for nice coffee too.

Does she have flipflops for possibly disgusting showers?

StealthPolarBear Thu 29-Jul-10 13:00:38

i read a book!
maternity pads?


moobaa Thu 29-Jul-10 13:02:13

Any food she craved while pregnant but was not allowed- mine was Pate and Goats Cheese!!!

You sound like a lovely thoughtful person BTW.

peppapighastakenovermylife Thu 29-Jul-10 13:15:12

No advice but you sound lovely grin

Shodan Thu 29-Jul-10 13:17:01

Drinks! Squash/juice type things.

Congratulations to you both.

Good list.

SwallowAmazons Thu 29-Jul-10 13:26:20

I've managed to change my name now!

Thanks for comments, I'll add fruit and pads; already got flip-flops and drinks and I'll treat her to a fancy sandwich from the deli..

MrsC2010 Thu 29-Jul-10 14:07:19

I love the toiletries that smell bit, you have a great list

Perhaps her own pillow or something?

moonminmama Thu 29-Jul-10 14:10:17

what a thoughtful bloke you are! Good list and congratulations!

MrsBadger Thu 29-Jul-10 14:11:57

oh and a handful more nappies and baby clothes (in case it has sicked down all the current ones)
plastic carriers for dirty stuff
empty holdall so you can take home all the stuff she doesn't need and/or needs washing.


OrmRenewed Thu 29-Jul-10 14:14:31

More chocolate
Pre-mixed G&T.
Crosswords - she won't finish one but it's better than staring at the walls.
Nice Squash (something Bottle Greenish) - you get lots of water to drink but it gets a bit boring.

coraltoes Fri 30-Jul-10 10:29:26

oh you're a breath of fresh air! so many women on here whingeing about their men, and look, a lovely one shows up!!

I'd say maybe ditch the book and pack a couple of magazines, just it is hard to focus on a book in hospital but dipping in and out of articles is probably easier to manage consdering she'll be tired and very distracted with your new baby!

Congratulations to you both and I wish her a full and speedy recovery

ps- i went to see a friend in hospital recently and was shocked at how bad the food was re:5 a day, they got 1 piece of fruit allday and barely any veg with dinner. You might want to pack a little punnet of strawberries or something


detoxdiva Fri 30-Jul-10 10:45:02

Toiletries will be much appreciated.

Focus on food and drink smile Hospital food is shite.

I craved brie all the way through my pg so dh arrived with a giant brie and cranberry baguette, a bar of chocolate and my fav Starbucks drink grin

Congratulations smile

Toffeefudgecake Fri 30-Jul-10 10:52:23

I should think she'll just be delighted to see you - you sound lovely! Lucky woman.

My happiest memory after having my second son was soaking in a hot bath, so maybe bubble bath would be nice (but that may be included in the toiletries).

And, personally, I would want my make up to glam up for all the photos.

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

Jackstini Fri 30-Jul-10 10:56:51

I echo fulfilling the pre-birth cravings. My dsis turned up with a chilled mini bottle of chardonnay and a prawn cocktail!
Eye mask was useful too.

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