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Facebook - to actively consider reporting underage users?

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grumpypants Fri 02-Apr-10 09:58:42

because i am irritated by the persistent attempts of friends' children (aged 11 and younger) to befriend me. I keep ignoring it, they keep trying. I don't talk to them about 'me' in real life; why wd i do so on the internet? Then, yesterday i found you can report them to facebook and get their accounts removed. I am v tempted...

Umleila Sun 04-Apr-10 18:31:36

My daughter, although over 13, is not allowed on FB. Why? because she's doing her homework. How come all of these kids have so much time to spend on FB anyway? DD says that many kids she knows rush thro their homework and then stay up to midnight on FB/BEBO/MSN etc. Where are their parents? I would not have time to monitor her use if I let her use it anyway. Teachers at her school also have FB pages just so they can monitor what the kids say and regularly tell the girls off for being so bitchy to each other.

Why would anyone want to join that sort of community when there are telephones in the world?

GenevieveHawkings Sun 04-Apr-10 21:35:42

I totally agree. Leave Facebook for the kids I say - that's certainly all it's fit for. grin

jasper Mon 05-Apr-10 01:51:19

lighten up

ravenAK Wed 07-Apr-10 02:22:43

It's probably safe to assume that your dd's teachers don't have FB pages in order to monitor what their students say.

I'm a teacher; I use FB to keep in touch with friends & family members.

I don't accept friend requests from current students, so I'm happily oblivious to whatever they're getting up to. Nor would it be possible for any teacher to 'monitor' what students say online - they're clearly misunderstanding the nature of privacy settings!

UnquietDad Wed 26-May-10 11:35:13

It's weird - my friend's daughter (who I know shouldn't be on there) begged me and DW to befriend her and now sends us invitations to all sort of shit groups.

Mostly those called things like "OMG I Can't Believe This Optical Illusion" (and you have to "Like it to see what the illusion is), and various bollocks to do with Justin twat-face Bieber.

And why, why, why for the love of gawd do teenage girls list their friends as their "spouses" and "siblings" ??!!

DeniseS Thu 02-Dec-10 20:40:37

you cannot report underage children unless you know 1.the URL and 2. their email address

aokay Wed 08-Dec-10 20:05:36

my pre-teen is underage & joined - I disliked this on safety grounds so reported and asked for acc removal - FB removed then step-mother reinstated account using her own(the steps) dob. Now nothing I can do and I can't 'monitor' as step then has window into my acc via friend pages. Really frustrating - should take it to court but feel life too short - to make it worse, acc has poor privacy settings, lists school and personal info & has a recent pic on profile - so safety is compromised. I am "a killjoy" for confronting step re safety issue. Very annoyed with facebook. Step beyond contempt...

buckwea Thu 16-Dec-10 23:37:56

how do i report underage children on facebook?

Jennyresearch Thu 06-Jan-11 14:00:37


I am currently doing a study into 'sexualisation in the media and the impact it has on kids' for my degree.
Children are becoming more actively involved in social networking sites where they can easily make friends with strangers, as a parent does this concern you?
Also these social networking sites set up games aimed at children, therefore is it not there responsibility to safeguard the site and protect our children?

UNITLAB Fri 07-Jan-11 16:49:45

I know of a childs account, set up by the mothershock

The child is only 6! and the whole account is just an ADVERT FOR TROUBLE as it's so clearly what it is, a child.

do some parents have no "*social awareness*" of what they are doing, or the fact that it is a form of FRAUD as they would have to have lied to set the account up!!

Sadly angry*facebook has become a victim of it's own success, and can no longer police itself*

Lizmundo Wed 26-Oct-11 16:09:06

Hi everyone, I'm trying to complete research into types of websites your children or other children you know visit, so I can look into the safety features of the site. I've set up a blog for you to post comments to & I'd be very grateful if you'd help me out smile

My blog is:

Thank you very much smile

mollymole Wed 26-Oct-11 16:17:01

A friend of mine set up her 9 year old daughter and then allowed her to post
topless photographs of her (the child) in the garden as well as pictures of her 'posing' in a bikini and makeup. I reported it and nothing was done. The mother thinks it's 'a bit of fun'.

Lizmundo Wed 26-Oct-11 16:28:06

what?!?!?! shock

wellymelly Mon 31-Oct-11 01:24:15

omg molly!!! tragic. Some parents are just brainless though. My ds just started secondary school and is 11 and a half. I want to hang out until 13 but everyone in the school, almost is on there already and they are having such a lovely time messaging each other. At the moment these kids - all they care about is upping their friend numbers, which is a concern. Most have lied about their age and occupation so as far as FB goes they are adults. I want to report the lot of them!!! Its so frustrating for me as I feel like I have to give in to peer pressure.

mumeeee Tue 01-Nov-11 08:42:22

I'm on Facebook. Mainly to keep on touch with friends and family. I don't play the games and neither do my 24 and 21 year old daughters although the 19 year old does. As the 2 older ones have said you can play games on other sites. In fact there are sites that are just for games and they are free. Face book can be safe if you set your security to the highest settings. But I still would not let an under 13 year old have an account.

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