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Social media, have I the right to be angry

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Clairenewbie Sun 03-Dec-17 16:40:55

My Facebook is set to private and a picture of my 11 year old is my profile picture though set to friends only.
Someone wrote a comment on a status of mine and a so called friend screenshot the entire conversation and sent it to people not on my friends list. I also commented on the conversation which meant my kids picture would have been screenshot to and passed along to god knows who. I removed my kids picture straight away because I’m pretty shook up because of it. I’m now wary about putting pictures of my kids on my private Facebook.

I’m very angry and want to confront the person because it’s my kids picture being shared about.

Am I over reacting?

LunarGirl Sun 03-Dec-17 16:43:44

Why did they screenshot the status?

Not to be harsh, but yes you do seem like you're overreacting a bit. The picture of your DS would've been miniscule if it was just next to a comment you made. If you really are that concerned you shouldn't have a picture of your DS on your profile at all. No where on the Internet is completely private.

gamerchick Sun 03-Dec-17 16:45:53

But your profile picture is set to public automatically. Anyone can see it anyway.

misscheery Sun 03-Dec-17 16:46:10

You can't set a profile picture so only your friends can see it. Profile pictures are ALWAYS public.

PrincessoftheSea Sun 03-Dec-17 16:46:19

I thought everyone could see your profile picture anyway?

Sirzy Sun 03-Dec-17 16:47:26

It does seem like a massive over reaction

ScarlettOH Sun 03-Dec-17 16:47:54

What harm is your child going to come to by a minuscule picture of them being seen?

YABU unreasonable to have a picture of your child as your profile picture anyway.

You’re overreacting massively IMO

DancesWithOtters Sun 03-Dec-17 16:55:07

All profile pictures as always visible.

StatueInTheSky Sun 03-Dec-17 16:58:40

your profile pic is always public....
now, what what so interesting that it had to be screenshot and passed around for the world to see?

Clairenewbie Sun 03-Dec-17 17:00:34

Something someone said about someone else and so it was screenshot and sent to that person. I got it in the neck and I simply said I do not control what others say or do, they said it doesn’t matter it was your Facebook.

Saucery Sun 03-Dec-17 17:00:34

No, you don’t have the right to be angry that the one picture on FB that you can never hide from anyone has been captured in a screenshot.

Clairenewbie Sun 03-Dec-17 17:03:24

I’m just weirded out by it all, my Facebook was shown to people Who weren’t on my friends list. I’ve a relatively short friends list due to being very private. I tend not to post a lot and the one time I post, hell descends.

hevonbu Sun 03-Dec-17 17:05:56

It's pointless being angry about it, this is how Facebook works. Make a mental note not to put pictures of your children again, and choose some other way to share these pictures with friends and family. Everything that goes onto the internet may risk ending up in a public place. You may confront the person to explain why you don't like it, but being angry is pointless.

BlondeB83 Sun 03-Dec-17 17:07:17


Set it so people can’t comment on your status.

Saucery Sun 03-Dec-17 17:07:35

They don’t sound very nice friends.
I think FB has a rule that screenshots have to have the names painted out if sharing? You could maybe report them on that basis (or you report the thread with the screenshot on)

CosmicCanary Sun 03-Dec-17 17:08:55

If you do not want pictures of your children to be seen by strangers then do not put them on the internet.

When will people learn the internet is not private. EVER.

Clairenewbie Sun 03-Dec-17 17:10:29

I’m at uni and one of the lassies in the class had been making digs at me,I had a go at her because all this group do is talk about people nonstop. the people who were commenting were angry for me and putting the lassie down to them this girl was bullying me. Next day it was shown around the class and everyone was having a go at me. Apparently I’ve just to sit there having digs at me and not to say anything. I eventually walked out because can’t sit in amongst childish immature people.

SilenceIsBroken Sun 03-Dec-17 17:10:58

It doesn't matter how tight your privacy settings are, when you post ANYTHING you relinquish control of that picture or those words to a certain extent. It's naive to think otherwise.

MagnifyingGlassSearch Sun 03-Dec-17 17:15:28

You have or you are an 11 year old child?

Clairenewbie Sun 03-Dec-17 17:16:11

Can only take so much. Not only did I not do anything wrong, I walked out on something I enjoyed and I am kicking myself for it. I’ve had petty remarks since I started I just ignored it, I sat through a 2 hour class being put down subtly, it made me feel uncomfortable and paranoid and when called the person out the rest of the class turned on me. Then this on Facebook. It’s made me miserable. Thought this rubbish ended at school but it carries on.

DerelictWreck Sun 03-Dec-17 17:24:58

OP I don't quite understand what you're upset about? In your OP you said it was because a private picture of your child was shared on facebook, but since it was your profile picture it wasn't private anyway?

InternetHoopJumper Sun 03-Dec-17 17:33:13

It's strange to screencap something and send it to people not in your friends list. I can only assume the person who did it knew your Facebook was set to private, but wanted to share what you wrote anyway.

I think it would be best to unfriend such a person. What they did shows a lack of respect.

Best not to put any pictures of your kids on FB though. FB is known for its massive privacy violations. Be careful what you put on there. I wish I could get rid of it, but some people live far away and I can only contact them via FB. It's a strange world when someone does not have a cell phone and doesn't use email, but they do have facebook.

Saucery Sun 03-Dec-17 17:33:18

Ignore them, they sound very silly. Just get on and enjoy your course.

Clairenewbie Sun 03-Dec-17 17:45:27

I quit my course and removed the few classmates I had on my friends list. I added them because they themselves were mothers and so we could exchange info on the course or any homework that had to be done. Instead they sat up the back of the class discussing me and looking through my Facebook. so I decided to quit, I can put up with a lot of things but can’t put up with stupid idiotic rubbish..I’d understand if I wrote it myself but I didn’t they could of come ask me about it instead or gone to a lecuturer but done that. I wasn’t there to make friends I was hardworking and quiet and since I started I put up with bile. It’s now made me even more wary of people

WhimsicalTart Sun 03-Dec-17 17:55:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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