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Advice re social media monitoring apps

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MissingMySleep Thu 16-Nov-17 21:45:40

Hi, sorry if the answer is already in another post.

I have two teens who have iphones which they use a lot. I used to have the codes and go on their phones to check what they were doing, read texts, social media posts etc, but as they have gotten older I have stopped doing this. I do want to give them some privacy.

However I think that at the moment I am not keeping track of what they are doing.

Is there an app out there that would let me see how many hours they are spending on each app? Then I would see if there was cause for concern, if they were on something far too much.

I can still go to their phones if needed to see what is going on (apart from snapchat), but this would give me a useful overview and leave them with some privacy.

Thank you in advance

MissingMySleep Fri 17-Nov-17 10:02:12


rufusindigo Thu 07-Dec-17 22:01:34

I've installed Ourpact on my son's phone which I'm pretty happy with. I used the free version which allowed me to block his usage after 10.45pm. I believe there is an upgrade which will allow you to monitor their use. Good luck! smile

MissingMySleep Fri 08-Dec-17 14:34:03

that is really helpful, thanks, I will look into that one. Has it had any other benefits apart from blocking usage from a certain time?
Thanks again

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