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Please help me sort all this out

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sleepwouldbenice Wed 15-Nov-17 01:35:28

I thought that we were on top of our Internet safety, games etc but I am naive and we aren't as an unfortunate search engine example brought some dodgy stuff up on my daughters pc the other day.

So I am looking to sort this out. I mean easy access to / stumble on by mistake of porn / violence websites or even images or videos. I have no idea where to start so please by gentle. I know no system is unhackable and need to prob accept that but I want it to be damned difficult.

I need to tackle:
Kids phones
Adults phones - happy to have restrictions on them but I don't know if this would stop us watching say bbc I player adult dramas
Daughters PC- obviously key
My pc - my younger daughter uses this so again happy to restrict all access it if need be but again what does this mean for me or shall we have separate log ins and how does this work
3 smart televisions with u tube, Netflix etc
You tube in general. It's a great pity as they love the music etc but not at the price of seeing something they can't unsee
Anything else?

So very grateful for any advice

Janeypet123 Tue 21-Nov-17 14:47:34


I feel your pain, my son once stumbled across some inappropriate viewing!

Netflix - you can set up individual profiles for each person and restrict content by age - just log in on your PC to do so.

Phone - these are a nightmare, you set up controls and they seem to get around them! Is a new phone on market called Monqi which is made for kids and controlled by parents. My daughter has one - its fab, takes second to set up and I have to approve everything and it has age restrictions and parental controls built in - very cool and very, very easy to use.

You can block Youtube on your restricted sites on your PC, on the Monqi phone it can be a blocked app. My kids use YouTube Kids and I have an apple music account we share.

On the PC's probably worth speaking to your internet provider and they can set up certain sites and topics to be blocked - easily done and done by them!

Good luck!

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