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What age for multiplayer games?

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aweewhilelonger Tue 29-Aug-17 14:49:07

My ds is 9, nearly 10. He has use of an iPad and among other things enjoys Minecraft and Terraria. Both these games have multiplayer, online options and he's been asking to use them for some time. He's played LAN multiplayer on MC for a while, ditto on clash Royale.

Im reluctant to say yes to playing online. Am I right in thinking that he'll be playing with adults / teens etc? And that there will be chat facilities of some sort - possibly with lots of swearing / inappropriate language? Is meeting strangers an issue in these games?

As you can tell I'm floundering in uncharted waters. Advice on allowing access to online, multiplayer games please - for 9-10 yr olds.

WitchOfTheWaste Sun 12-Nov-17 13:23:39

Following - same age, same situation.

Member212711 Wed 14-Feb-18 12:40:38

Will follow too. I have an 11 year old DS and have refused all multiplayer games. In a moment of inspiration we bought a Nintendo Switch and Zelda (which is the most awesome game ever, apparently) is only played solo. Phew! Do your research is one suggestion I have. There are more non-multiplayer games than you'd think. If you don't want him talking to people/children you don't know then I am not sure of the controls on these things but the easiest is either you listen too or you say 'no' (until you feel that he is old enough to make his own mind up).

Benandhollysmum Thu 10-May-18 01:13:37

Only if your kids sensible and not give his address out. My kid has minecraft and she was 11 when she got it..I think it’s mostly kids anyway that play it..not sure if there is swearing but my kid says fudge a lot since she started playing it, if that helps??

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