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Harmful Youtube Content For Children That Appears Child Friendly

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LN237 Wed 26-Jul-17 21:31:36


I am not a parent but I want to bring something to the attention of parents who let their kids use youtube, even if they have a child friendly account or the Youtube Kids app or something like that. It seems like mumsnet is full of responsible parents who wouldnt let their kids use youtube anyway but it would be good to spread the word about this.

In short: there seems to hundreds of channels on youtube that purport to be for children but contain common themes in the thumbnails (preview pictures) and in the video titles of violence, scatology, sex and are generally disturbing. The videos contain recurring patterns and themes that seem to be orientated towards these inappropriate themes. This is all despite the fact that these themes are hidden amongst banal but child friendly content. It has dubbed "Elsagate" by some because the videos use characters from child media like Elsa from Frozen.

This channel:

looks like an average kids cartoon channel aimed at ages about 2 - 8. Each video has millions of views. However, if you watch some of these videos and look at some of the thumbnails they have some odd recurring themes that are vaguely violent, sexual, scatological or just disturbing. You have to look through the videos (by going onto 'videos' on the channel page and clicking 'load more' at the bottom) because not all of them are of this nature but some of them are. Some of the video titles are "surprise eggs in the toilet" or "spiderbaby plays with scissors".

There seems to be hundreds of these channels with the same recurring themes such as here:
(some video titles: "Real POOP with Pink Spider-Girl Superheroes in Real Life Play Doh Stop Motion Videos", "Drinking from the Toilet! Hasbro Gaming Toilet Trouble DCTC Toy Challenges")

This one is the most disturbing and you only have to click the link to see what I'm talking about. I really don't know what to make of this and I'm not even sure if this is meant for children although it appears to be (warning: there is something about this channel that is extremely disturbing, probably because it contains actual child actors):

Whether or not the above channel is intended for children, if you look at the related channels you can see that many of them blatantly are and contain some overt scatological and sexual themes, if you look through the videos, like this one:

Here is one of the videos from this channel:

Here are some videos of youtube users who have noticed this phenomenon and who have identified inappropriate common themes,:

Some people exposing this endorse the view that this is some sort of CIA conspiracy, programming the minds of children or something.

Please don't be put off by this language. I don't know what is behind this but, whether it's the CIA or some random people making a lot of money from the advertising, I really think these videos could be warping kids' minds by repeatedly exposing them to negative and harmful concepts.

Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what is wrong with these channels other than being a bit silly and lacking in artistic value but if you dig through them and the videos you can see that there is something not right at all about them. I began to get a headache and feeling queasy after watching these videos and other people have reported similar.

If you do think this is as serious as I'm making it out to be then I encourage you stop your kids using youtube, which has always had a huge dark side, inform your child's school so that more parents can know and possibly your MP. If you don't see anything wrong with this then fine and sorry for wasting your time.

GinLoverSharon Tue 22-Aug-17 22:10:58

Sorry I've watched a few of these videos that you've linked too. But personally, I can't see how they're sexual. Is there something everyones seeing that I'm not??

LN237 Sat 02-Sep-17 18:40:35

Which videos did you watch?

like i said above, there is nothing explicitly sexual on the face of it but you have look through the channels above, especially in thumbnails and the video titles to see recurring themes of sex, scatology and violence.

There are also some other weird recurring themes in these channels like syringes and drinking from the toilet.

LN237 Sat 02-Sep-17 18:41:12

Most of the videos are fine but the themes are there if you look through the videos in the channel

shivermytimbers Sat 02-Sep-17 18:50:44

Well, I've had a look and the videos look a bit shit but I don't think that indicates a CIA conspiracy (much as I do love a good conspiracy theory)
I think you might be barking up the wrong tree there

ScarletForYa Sat 02-Sep-17 19:12:04

I couldn't see anything either.

Gingernaut Sat 02-Sep-17 19:18:17

The bottom video shows a series of thumbnails with some disturbing themes which, if they weren't so childishly cartoony, would be horro movies.

Dr Elsa treats The Hulk's bottom problem

Joker and the vampire toilet

Something's up.

Gingernaut Sat 02-Sep-17 19:20:09

Like this

ScarletForYa Sat 02-Sep-17 19:22:35

When I clicked the bottom one it said 'video unavailable'

I watched the one with the spiders, couldn't really see anything amiss there...? Or was it that the baby doll was sitting on a toilet full of

Gingernaut Sat 02-Sep-17 19:22:44

I hope these screenshots work

Gingernaut Sat 02-Sep-17 19:26:37

These are tsum tsum styled cartoons with some adult content

Gingernaut Sat 02-Sep-17 19:27:53

I think someone needs to report Beep Beep TV....

ScarletForYa Sat 02-Sep-17 19:28:44

Sorry, posted too soon.........a baby doll toilet full of sweets.

The other ones with the adult babies pranking each other with sellotape are a bit weird.

Gingernaut Sat 02-Sep-17 19:35:11

Um, bumping for someone to take a look?

Henrythehoover Sat 02-Sep-17 20:44:52

I put don't hug me I'm scared on for my 6 year old as I thought it was a kids tv show. (Yes I was preoccupied when clicking on stuff and I'm an awful mum) luckily it was only the first one and he wasn't to traumatised. On the plus side I now love that series. It's so messed up grin

ParvJessy Sat 14-Oct-17 11:54:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

LN237 Sat 21-Oct-17 00:29:10

Dont Hug Me I'm Scared had quite good artistic merit.

Watching this stuff borders on pedophilia in some cases, especially where they're using REAL children.

Please dont brush this away and look at this image:

LN237 Sat 21-Oct-17 00:29:45


GladysKnight Mon 06-Nov-17 21:31:19

I don't think this a trivial matter at all, havingbread this article and clicked on some of the content - and really wish I hadn't.*@jamesbridle*/something-is-wrong-on-the-internet-c39c471271d2

It seems that the fact that youtube is governed by algorithms, and content can be created and basically funded by algorithms, has created some sort of self-perpetuating loop that makes it very hard for YouTube to stop this happening without massively penalising itself. While we might all think it should, will it?

Helena17 Thu 09-Nov-17 10:51:49

The gist of all these I believe is as long as we are able to prevent our kids from using any gadgets is enough. we can download handpicked videos and let them watch it on tv and not thru streaming. Some kids materials aren't no longer carefully screened and that's where the danger lies.

GladysKnight Thu 09-Nov-17 21:34:50

Ideally yes Helena, though the fact that that's an option doesn't let YouTube and their colossal income off the hook IMO.

It did also make me wonder (again) what my teenagers might be stumbling across too - and I certainly can't take their devices off them.

Bananalanacake Thu 09-Nov-17 21:49:22

Thanks so much for increasing awareness of this.

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