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Kindle fire very basic questions!!

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Northernnachos Thu 24-Nov-16 11:21:58

I'm really sorry if this has been done to death but I've done a search and can't see anything massively up to date.

I want to buy DS (6) (nearly 7) a kindle fire for Xmas. He loves playing games on the c bbc website, dangermouse etc. I also want him to access educational type apps.
I am not hugely keen on the massive volume of stuff you seem to get with the amazon kids free time app that has the great parental controls on it.

Am I mad to consider getting the basic kindle fire and not getting the amazon kids free time app? If I do this are there individual apps that I can download to put restrictions on eg time, search engines etc?

This is all new to me so many apologies if this sounds a bit basic!!

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