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Goodreads for an 8 year old?

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PopGoesTheWeaz Tue 25-Oct-16 10:54:10

I wanted to make an online list of books my son has read and what he's liked and what he wants to read as family keep asking and he reads so much we haven't been able to keep track manually. I thought about creating an GoodReads account for him but he's never been on the internet before so I was a bit weary of this.

But presumably if I set the privacy settings right, he won't be chatting with strangers and I just need to keep an eye on him that he doesn't stumble into the bodice-ripper section.

But maybe this is actually a really good introduction into social networking? What do you all think? Does anyone have any experience? FWIW he is a very responsible kid, and is well versed from school and me that you need to be careful online.

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