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user1468387910 Wed 13-Jul-16 06:53:47

Can anybody help advise me? I am a divorced - single mum. My daughter recently turned 14. She has become obsessed with this app where other teenagers or anyone do live streams and you can message them etc.
Already this week I've had the fraud department of our bank on the phone concerned about activity on my daughters recently opened bank account, because she has become particularly infatuated with one teenage boy, and sent him £50!! So I stopped her allowance etc. And I have been trying to restrict how much she goes on it but it seems impossible!! And it is her hobby.
Then last night I was struggling to get her off it, when she was in floods of tears not wanting to stop talking to this boy because he was upset and threatening to commit suicide.
I stood my ground and got her off it but this is meant to be bad entertainment at best - now suicide? I'm so upset, and besides myself with worry - we always had such a good relationship, now I just don't know what to do.

BabyKangaroo90 Tue 21-Feb-17 00:08:54

There are some videos on the NSPCC website (i think) on the basis of do you really know who you're talking to. Personally when I hear your story, alarm bells are ringing as I'm sure they are for you too. Who is this guy she is messaging? Does she know him personally? Why is he trying to have so much control over her? Sorry...I'm a teacher and have done the "Do you really know who you're talking to?" Talk many a times now and this has some classic signs for manipulation. Xx

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