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Posting pics on Facebook

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themarketer Tue 28-Jun-16 22:22:40

Hi there. New to mumsnet. Just wondering how many of you agree with me on this topic. I refuse to upload any Photos of my DC online. Facebook etc. I have come under fire from family who would like to pose and put all pics online and been upset when I have asked them not to. I take many pictures but out them in 'shock horror' a photo album or in frame on the wall. I don't think it's moral to post photos of children who cannot give their consent? Anyone agree?!

Sleepingbunnies Wed 29-Jun-16 00:12:59

I post pics of my DC, and also print them out for my walls grin

Each to.their own!

winnieandwilbur Wed 29-Jun-16 00:47:18

Same here, Sleeping. I post pics on fb; I also put photos of the dc in albums and white in the back of the prints where/when they were taken, just like in the olden days!

winnieandwilbur Wed 29-Jun-16 00:48:10

write on the back of each print... I really must start previewing my posts!

AnnaMarlowe Wed 29-Jun-16 01:00:55

Your children, your decision.

We out about 3 picture a tear of our DC on FB. Just enough for far flung family to see. Nothing that would embarrass them in future life though.

Our children are old enough to discuss this with now and have a veto on any picture they don't like.

One of my siblings has a no pictures at all policy, and we follow that too.

Lots of people definitely overshare on fb.

KittensandKnitting Wed 29-Jun-16 01:04:29

With family dotted around all over the place we do have a shared online photo albulm so family can see. But I personally don't like FB full stop and wouldn't want pictures of me let alone children put up, my personal preference nothing against those who do.

But OP you mention it's a moral issue for you in that the child cannot give their consent, why would it be ok to take a photo and put in on your physical wall for anyone to see but not a FB wall if it was limited to family...

themarketer Wed 29-Jun-16 04:03:11

Kittens because it's online. You may think only family can see but the truth of it is once you upload something to Facebook you have no control over it. You've put a photo of your child online and that poses risks. Even with supposed privacy settings. I have no problem with people doing it, but I've had problems with family not understanding and one or two baby photos have ended up on there which id rather weren't. (When someone else posts them you have even less control!) don't want to make an issue but not sure why my wishes aren't followed! 😔

SaltyMyDear Wed 29-Jun-16 04:06:57

What risk does it pose?

themarketer Wed 29-Jun-16 04:10:47

I'm probably I minority here but it really worries me when see family taking photos of their DC all v young. In funny situations, playing, learning doing what young children do and unbeknown to them all the snaps (even for example in the bath) are being uploaded straight to the Internet for people to comment on. Childhood is so precious and innocent these children have no idea and as parents our responsibility is to protect them. Am I going to get shot down now and marched off of mumsnet? 😱

themarketer Wed 29-Jun-16 04:13:08

Salt. You'd be surprised who can access your content online. Recent news about paedophiles getting hold of pictures. Even worse if you have images detailed where you live/which school. Don't ever assume what you ipload is totally secure because I guarantee its not.

SaltyMyDear Wed 29-Jun-16 04:18:26

I don't assume pictures are safe. I just don't see what harm there is in strangers seeing photos of children being children. Strangers also get to see children walking down the street. In school uniform. Talking to their friends and family.

I've genuinely never understood what people like you are concerned about.

InionEile Wed 29-Jun-16 04:21:20

I used to be one of those people who swore they would never put photos of their DC up on Facebook and stuck to that rule pretty closely with DC1 but now that DC2 is here I am relaxing a bit. I post up photos for their birthdays or special occasions (Hallowe'en, Christmas). It is uncomfortable when friends overshare on FB though, with every personal family moment shared and commented on. There is a happy medium. I take care to avoid mentioning the name of the DC's preschool or our address or whatever.

themarketer Wed 29-Jun-16 12:22:10

Would any of you who do upload, Birthday parties etc take offence if asked by another child's parent not to upload pictures of their DC? I thought unwritten rule never to post photos of other people's DC without permission but it seems such common place now I don't think people think twice? I'm sure many people don't understand why I feel the way I do. #awkward.

HeartOnTheLine Wed 29-Jun-16 12:25:54

I don't post pictures of my DCs on Facebook never have and I never will; if family and friends want to see pictures of them I send them to their phone or via WhatsApp I do not trust the Internet when children are concerned

KittensandKnitting Wed 29-Jun-16 12:44:13

themarketer I am actually mostly with you, in my defence super tired waiting for DP to come home last night as hadn't seen him for a few days, think I said I don't like FB full stop, hate the thing because of people who have "public sharing" I also wouldn't want my brothers huge amount of friends (750 odd) seeing pictures of my children.

What I have is a shared family folder on iCloud which I control who has access too, so that family can see the photos and comment if they wish between family members. I trust my family to respect my wishes and not take screenshots (actually parents and inlaws I doubt would know how too following recent conversations on how to do something related) and siblings wouldn't because there is a respect for our wishes. SIL posts every breath on FB, her choice.

Parties umm not sure, I think you have to relax somewhat about the distribution of photographs otherwise your never sleep at night and you can't tell a child not to have its picture taken at their best friends birthday party.

I interestingly just after DP and I met had a friend who posted photos of her new baby left right and centre on FB for her "friends" she knew half of them. DP walked in on me looking at picture of the baby and said oh how cute, mentioned this to her and she freaked out! Have never understood this reaction but it was because she hadn't met him... Maybe it was because baby was so new but no logic here whatsoever as anyone could have reposted that for the world to see and her parents actually did "share" on their public walls.

Snapdragon01 Wed 04-Jan-17 20:07:52

I would prefer not to have my baby's photos online however I know my dh will post some photos over time but not loads. I've asked family not too, don't know if they're unhappy about it but they respected my decision. I didn't want just anyone posting photos or fb would be covered in her photos!

StrawberryShortcake32 Wed 15-Feb-17 20:48:53

My DS is 4 months. Haven't posted a pic online and never will untill he's old enough to create his own account. Then it's upto him.
We shy away from embarrassing old childhood photos of ourselves why do we assume it's alright to plaster the ones of our kids for the world to see?

Appreciate not everyone has the same views. Some people even create Facebook accounts for their babies. My friend has done this. Each to their own.

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