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AKAmyself Wed 18-May-16 20:47:03

Dd1 is 10 and in Y5. Many kids in her class have started to get active on social media over the last few months, it all started with email, then moved pretty quickly to messaging groups on ipod/ipad, and now dd is actively demanding to open a account - it is apparent the thing and everyone has it.

I had a look around on the internet, read the reviews on commonsensemedia, listen to my dd and her friends, but the thing is - it's social media, isn't it? And the t&c clearly state it's 13+. So I have said no, and am trying to hold to it. But now wondering if IABU. She is distraught and doesn't want to feel excluded. Personally I don't particularly like the kids who are pressuring her onto it, but I'm also conscious I cannot choose her friendships...

Any tips or views?

luellabelle Wed 18-May-16 20:52:31

We've allowed it with extremely strict instructions that it remains private and only people she knows can follow her. I do have reservations, but my DD is correct ALL her class have it and as she struggles socially at times we felt that she should have it as the content is so specific.

We've said no to Instagram which most of her class also have as there's the scope for more variety in content. Whether we've made the right decision, I don't know but we are happy with it at this time

bigpaws Sat 16-Jul-16 05:36:11

I foolishly allowed my 10y old that app. She was messaged by a stranger (even though I had her privacy settings correctly set). The message began 'Hi Cutie, I think you look amazing....'
I instantly deleted the app.
An Internet Safety Officer has been into school raising awareness. Funnily enough, was mentioned with caution.

DougWil Sun 25-Sep-16 11:02:03

I was wondering general thoughts in age range for iPods? My 9 year old wants one for Christmas as ALL her friends have one. I'm not sure and have told her she must wait until secondary school when she will be 11. I just wondered if I am being overprotective? She's my oldest. She has on my iPhone so she can keep in touch with friends, but I can keep tabs on it.

Thirtyrock39 Sat 29-Oct-16 07:18:44

I've just found my 10 yo has been posting vids on musically . The whole of year 6 seem to be on it. I'm pretty mad with her as she told me she was keeping them all private and found messages from randoms. I've banned the kindle for a week and am going to see if anyway of making it only private as I can see why it's fun to record the videos but definitely do not anybody else seeing them. I'm surprised the other year 6 parents are so chilled about it

YoullNeverWeeAlone Sat 29-Oct-16 07:28:56

Apparently even if you set to private on, if you share with some who isn't, anyone can then see it. So you can police your child's settings but if just one friend opens their own ones up, you can still end up exposed.

Or at least that's what we were told on an internet safety talk.

Thirtyrock39 Sat 29-Oct-16 08:26:41

Thank you that's really useful to know I'm going to stop her using it altogether

griffinsss Sat 29-Oct-16 08:36:16

A lot of the parents probably aren't even aware. My niece (now 12/year 7) had last year as it was all the rage at her primary school. I didn't know what it was until I walked in on her and her friends playing with it. I was then met with begs "not to tell their parents" which was an initial warning sign. I ended up having an agreement with a couple of the other parents that we all monitor all the children's profiles. I was probably a bit lax about it as she had only just come into my care and had been having a tough time at her new school. She now just has an instagram.

10 seems awfully young, but honestly a lot of the people who use are children or young teens, from what I've seen, even the "famous" ones.

Lucy7400 Fri 02-Dec-16 14:07:11

I know this is an old thread but my DD wants this. I had a look at her friends ipod and could see this friend had 750 followers. Does this mean a random 750 people can contact this girl? I am really not sure but feel under pressure from DD who is year 6'

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