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Limit ipad use before I lose it, an impossible aim?

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seriouslynoidea Tue 08-Mar-16 10:43:08

I have 4 kids, smallest 2 are dd 10 and ds 8, addicted to their iPads. dd used to read a lot but now just watches or plays on ipad often using mine too, one to watch one to play. We only have one computer though in the kitchen in full view and one tv. I need an app that will turn their iPads off at a given time of day, limit the amount of time spent on iPads during the day and maybe differentiate between apps allowed at certain times and those not, like the kindle app perhaps after hours. The last may be impossible but whjat is best app for the rest? Heard of Kidslox, any good? I've tried the setting down rules and boundaries but work full time and very often after normal hours, have a range of childcare and a dh who can't enforce a rule to save his life so yes, I turn to something else to help.

VerySlovenly Mon 21-Mar-16 13:20:42

I sympathise with you about the DH who won't enforce rules sad

I haven't found an app that does this, but I would not let them use mine if they have their own (lock it with a passcode).

Would it be possible to get the other carers to help - put a passcode on the kids' iPads and give it to the carers, so they can at least control when the kids start to use it? Then they could maybe give 15 mins notice that play time is up, and when the time is up put the iPads on standby so they are locked again.

SparklyNew Fri 23-Sep-16 15:01:52

Did you try Kidslox in the end? There are a lot of apps out there claiming to do the same thing, but most seem pretty unreliable - Kidslox seems one of the better ones to me.

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