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Thinking of replacing DS's iPhone with a brick. Good idea?

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NotdeadyetBOING Tue 16-Feb-16 21:53:35

DS is 11 and has a smartphone. My old one. I really regret giving it to him now as he has become addicted to the sodding thing. But the main worry is that it is proving a new way for him to be bullied/left out by boys at school. The 'cool' set are all over Instagram etc. and so poor DS has tried to follow suit, but they are just laughing at him and he is in bits. I wish none of this social media shite existed as poor kids aren't even free from it at home, but it is the mad world we live in. He claims having a brick instead of a smart phone would be social death, but I know others do it and wonder if it might be a good idea. My sense is he needs to disengage with all this SM rubbish that is making him so miserable. Anyone have any thoughts/insights? Parenting these days is so hard…….

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