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Yik yak!

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1fedupmama Tue 16-Feb-16 16:31:52

Ok so everyone in my area seems to be obsessed with this app called yik yak, it is supposed to be a place were u can post jokes, feeling, inspiring messages etc anonymously but as u can probably guess it is used for vile horrible comments about people, there families, children, relationships, u name it its on there!!
Recently a few of my friends have been under fire on this app, being called useless parents, drunks, scroungers & their relationships being picked at by anyone & everyone.
I know it has made a lot of people very very u happy!
The site rules state that anyone under the age of 18 should not use the app but there is no way of monitoring this as there is no log in system & everything is done anonymously so kids & adults of any age can use this!
So please beware that a new form of bullying has arisen & it's not pretty! Hopefully it gets banned soon like so many before it ( for example!!) but until then be careful if ur kids or kids u know are using the app they may also be under fire as well as joining in.

1fedupmama Tue 16-Feb-16 16:33:17

i know there are children ages 10+ on it as there has been comments saying things regarding school classes, teachers pupils etc so please watch out.

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