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Would you let your four year old film a Q&A vlog on youtube?

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mustthinkofabetterusername Thu 07-Jan-16 23:06:26

So, after a busy day of looking after a sick and teething baby, I've gone online to switch off and look at facebook/youtube etc. One of the vloggers, has posted on facebook about her four year old child doing her own Q&A session on youtube (asking for questions, then saying vlog was filmed). I find this concerning, on many levels.

Internet safety - disclosure of personal details, so many people people knowing about you already (from your parents' vlogs) to ask personalised questions?

Consent - in this instance the parent obviously consents to the child's filming of the vlog. But what about in the future? When they are at primary school, or secondary school? ... classmates referencing and laughing at vlog ... bullying etc

Ego and self-worth - Is it healthy of a child of this age to have the concept of filming a vlog, all about themselves? The idea of a child of four checking the "likes" and "subscriptions" (facebook, youtube etc) and basing their worth on this.

And many other concerns, but you get the general gist. Is it just me? Do you think I'm over reacting? Do you think my concerns are valid? Would be interested to know what others on here think.

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