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How to hide apps on Ipad?

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justwondering72 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:17:11

Sorry if this is too techy a question.

I stupidly downloaded an app that my 7 year old asked for, without checking it properly. When I did, I was less than impressed by it and it's not appropriate for his age - and definitely not for his younger brother.

I know that I can't delete any apps from the Purchased list on an IPad, and that I can only hide it. When I do this though, it unhides every time the IPad is switched off. Does anyone know of a more secure way to hide an app? Basically to hide it from DS1 so that he won't be tempted to try and download it again, every time he goes to the Purchased list on the App Store.

Jilly1100 Sat 21-Nov-15 07:20:08

Did you get your answer on this? I have just searched for pretty much the same thing, and found the answer here:

Hope you get it sorted!

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