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Pictures on dating sites?

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notjusttheirmum Sun 01-Nov-15 11:09:37

My ex uses a popular dating app. His pictures contain him with all of his children, one of which is mine! I don't want my child's picture in any way on this dating site!! We have no contact so i can't ask him to remove it even though if I could I doubt he would just to annoy me. Where do I stand on this? Surely my child has rights against this?!

PYCO Sat 19-Dec-15 05:16:38

I'd suggest you contact your local Police department to seek guidance. I'd suggest that since your relationship has severed, you have the right to demand permission before your picture or picture of minors under your care/guardianship are posted anywhere or used. If your police is not willing to help, you should contact protective child services, social services of your local government.

Actually, if I were you, I'd call that dating site and tell them that your child's picture is posted on their site WITHOUT your consent. If you ex has custody, you might have challenges...but if he doesn't have custody, you might be able to get somewhere.

Good luck!

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