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Is there an app for Android where you can download from YouTube and watch offline?

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RachelWatts Fri 14-Aug-15 09:25:13

DS1 loves watching Minecraft videos on YouTube, and often clicks through the links looking for something else to watch, so has found Sims videos done by his favourite YouTube vloggers., and other games.

I looked through some of the links which were showing, and was shocked to see a Sims 'sex mod' and a Minecraft 'sex mod', which are entirely inappropriate. He's now banned from watching Sims videos, and videos from certain bloggers - he's sensible so I can trust him not to deliberately search out videos I've said are banned, but too often they're just there on the sidebar.

Can anyone recommend an app for Android where I can download parentally approved age appropriate videos for him to watch safely? This will also be useful when he wants to watch videos where we have no internet.

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