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Website of a baby. Is it a good idea?

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evrisov Mon 03-Aug-15 22:24:36

Hello, everybody!
I am Evgenia from Ukraine. Could you give me an advice, please? I would really appreciate!

I am developing a new IT startup now - amazing online service for Moms! And now I am gathering feedbacks from my future users. It would be great if you can share your opinion about my product.

The idea of my project is next:
Now every mother makes lots of photos and videos of her baby. We make albums on computer and post photos in FB. Also we are writing down lots of information - baby's schedule, contacts of doctors, calendar of birthdays, etc.

But imagine if you can easy create fashionable personal website of your baby by yourself! You will be able to put all photos and videos of your baby in chronological order and divide them by albums (“summer holiday 2015”, “trip to Zoo”, “1st birthday”, etc). Also you will be able to create pages with information which is important to you: important contacts, baby's schedule of courses, calendar with friends birthdays, photos, important links and articles, first words of baby etc.

You will be able to create this website by your own or use good-looking templates without any knowledge of programming and developing. You will need just to easy “constructor” this website. Also you will be able to share whole website or it`s parts to public access.

I think it can be a great “story” of your baby.

Please share with me your opinion!
Is it interesting for you? Would this service popular among Moms? What is your opinion about it? Maybe you want add something?
All comments are welcome! Aspecialy criticism smile

Thank you a lot in advance!

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