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Chatting online - Is there anywhere that's safe??!!

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DarthVadersTailor Sun 05-Jul-15 18:57:41

Hello all,

1st time posting on this section of MN & hoping this gets traffic here!!

Not for the 1st time, we have had to sit our 10yr old DS and have an Internet safety talk with him because he refuses to take on board that chatting online can be dangerous. He has a few mediums that he uses - he has the laptop which he uses sites like roblox and plays Minecraft (this is always static and in our view all of the time, though it's not always possible to watch everything he does on there!). Generally he plays little flash games and that's not much of a problem. He has a Hudl 2 tablet he uses for games in the main and YouTube (he's not yet figured out that I've put the child sensitive settings on YouTube which is about the only filter for it) and that's quite good as it is locked down to shit!!! Parental settings are such that he can only be on for a few hours a day and he generally always uses this in our line of sight.

My issue is this - on nearly every Game/site he uses, be it Clash of Clans, Roblox, Boom Beach, whatever, there are functions to chat to folks. We have on several occasions made it very plain that he is not to converse with others online but once again we've caught him doing exactly that and short of literally watching him 24/7 whenever he's using a piece of technology I'm running out of ideas of what to do here and wondering if there is any game/app that's actually safe for him to use?!

We've shown him educational videos on Internet safety, talked at length about the potential dangers of talking to others online, even made him produce a report on one occasion when he was on punishment!! It just goes in one ear and out of the other and I don't want to have to take everything away from him but am wondering if it's actually safe to give him Internet access any more. Tbh he's not the most mature 10yr old and I am just not sure any more whether I am right to be concerned, whether I'm over reacting to it all or what?'?!?!

Please any and all advice is very welcome, I'd love to hear your thoughts on chatting online, how to possibly prevent it (especially in terms of the games he might play) and any other suggestions!!! Thanks in advance smile

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