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Zoella for a 10 year old?

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poachedeggs44 Sun 03-May-15 14:36:39

My 10 y/o dd absolutely loves Zoella and has been watching her for ages. I've never been happy about it because she seems like a vacuous narcissist who is obsesses about appearance - not a message I want my dd to absorb; however I've reluctantly let her watch as I didn't want to be too heavy-handed (she continually asks for an Instagram account as 'all' her friends have one, but we said no). Anyway, I watched one of them with her today and Zoella mentioned covering up love bites, which felt like the final straw. 10 y/o is too young for that imho. We have banned it but my dd is outraged. Thoughts appreciated - am I being overprotective?

MmeLindor Tue 05-May-15 21:07:07

She's very much aware of her target audience, and I've never seen anything untoward. I'm sure your 10yr old will hear (or have heard) about love bites at school, so wouldn't bother me too much.

Zoella is pretty open about her anxiety issues, and being self-positive and not trying to conform to beauty ideas. I admit this can seem a bit weird, when she's otherwise promoting beauty products, but she's one of the YouTubers I'm ok with daughter watching. In general, I think she's a positive role model.

Girlymum29 Sat 12-Nov-16 20:27:01

After looking at this thread I've just let my daughter watch a few zoella vids , including zoella yoga challenge where the word Fuck is used at least twice ( we turned it off at this point) , totally inappropriate !

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