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ourgang1 Mon 15-Dec-14 12:12:44

I'm not a Mum but would be very grateful for some advice. My 8 year old son and his friend accidentally looked at internet porn on my daughter's laptop. My wife and I could see the browsing history and they had looked at about 12 sites. My son and his friend admitted to having keyed in 'naked lady', and reading between the lines it seems that each subsequent screen prompted them further into the cesspit. Not the worst sort of porn but still pretty disgusting and very unpleasant for 8 year olds.

We've had a good chat with our son. My wife and I will get parental settings put on the laptop - We thought this had already been done. We've got parental settings on our desktop. We'll also improve our monitoring of him with the laptop, which could clearly be better, as we thought they were watching a Jurassic Park film and didn't even expect them to use google on their own. The devil makes work for idle hands.

So our query is solely as follows: Could this possibly cause short term or longer term behaviour issues or changes to their thinking? Could there be any future behaviours we should watch out for as a result?

ACynicalWil Thu 18-Dec-14 02:24:03

No, completely normal. I'd scrap the parental safety to. They will find it one way or another.

Be open about it, its far healthier.

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