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SprogTube, dodgy or what ?

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absolovon Mon 27-Oct-14 11:12:07

Just saw the plug for SprogTube a "child safe" video site, but...

It has ads for adult products, embedded in the videos which themselves seem to be a dominated by violent X-men cartoons and trashy videos about loom loops.

There doesn't seem to be any sort of child safety and privacy policy on the site or even a way to report dodgy videos.

SrogTube1 Fri 31-Oct-14 03:34:14

Thank you for your feedback. Sprogtube has been setup to give young people a safe place to explore the myriad of children’s content on YouTube; however it is in its infancy and is continually improving.

On the ads

When a YouTube video is embedded in a website it is possible to remove the video ad, however the overlay ad is included with the video stream and is sadly impossible to remove (we have tried). The overlay ads are selected on data harvested on your browsing habbits. By “adult products” I assume you mean products aimed at adults such as lawnmowers etc. as Google’s advertising guidelines clearly prevent advertising of more colorful adult vices:

Two of our main concerns have been young people clicking on the YouTube link/ ads in our embedded videos. Over the last few days we have found and began implementing a solution to this issue.

On the content

Loom Bands have been a huge international craze among young people and are creative, expressive and I am sure excellent at developing young people’s hand-eye coordination/ motor skills. Sprogtube delivers content young people want to watch and reflects their interests, hence why we have an entire category dedicated to Loom Bands.

The X-men cartoon was first shown on the Cartoon Network and is deemed appropriate for children, however your post has sparked a debate among the team and we agree it may not be suitable for some of our younger users so have taken those videos down.

We have spent many hours finding the most popular YouTube content, and although we may not understand why young people want to make Loom Bands or watch hours of other people playing on Minecraft, we must cater for those interests. As well as finding YouTubes more popular content we encourage subjects like science, art, cookery, music and sport, which is evident when visiting the site -

Privacy Policy

The SprogTube team are all volunteers who want to give young people a safe place to access YouTube content. We do not make any money from SprogTube. In the future we my find an appropriate way to monetize the site without compromising our core values, but currently improving the sprogtube experience and filling it with a wide range of content is our primary goal. As we all have jobs, families etc our time is limited - we are working hard to finalise our child safety and privacy policy and it should be up in the next few weeks.

Thank you for the feedback and pleased do take a second look as we assure you its more than just xmen videos and loop bands.

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