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Facebook/ social media use of photos and videos of children, by school

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FiveStar Mon 30-Jun-14 12:56:00

Hi I am looking for advice. I am not a big techie person but with 3 kids aged 7 to 9, their exposure to internet/ computer games/ tablets etc is unavoidable and with rising ages it can be hard to keep up with what they come across away from home. We allow them on certain game sites with supervision and we don't use Facebook at home (came off it when children very small due to issues in previous job working with unstable people/ stalkers) and are very cautious about protecting personal info and family privacy. DH and I are not interested in posting details of our lives on social media. But we recognise our children need to understand how it all works in order to be able to make sensible safe decisions in future.

Children's current school asked parents to sign forms about whether school could use photos/ vids etc of children online/ in its marketing/ on Facebook etc. We said no to everything for reasons above and also partly as we have identical twins who are photogenic/ appealing and we were not interested in their images being used on adverts etc. This seemed to be an issue for school, who acted like we were very weird and out of touch parents, and as a result we found our children being excluded from several school activities like singing events (they were made to stand out at back of room)as the school wanted to put link to photos or video on its Facebook page.

We are changing schools next term and it seems a good time to review our approach. I don't want my kids to miss out but also want them to have some control over what photos etc of them are online forever on school/ social media websites. My friends who are parents seem to have two approaches - either they aren't bothered about it and just let everything go online, or they stay off everything as long as possible until forced to address it (like me) and then panic about what to do. I feel ill equipped to make a rational sensible policy, and am aware my children are getting quite warped messages from different angles about what's ok and how things work online, in terms of interacting with other people.

Anyone else out there who doesn't want everything pasted everywhere but realises we have to adjust to different world our children are growing up in? What do you do and what do you tell your children? Also what if any images etc of your children do you allow school or clubs to use, and do you get any control over this etc? Thanks in advance

emy80 Wed 19-Nov-14 14:54:53

All very interesting, i have recently had a baby and never thought i would be bothered about photos online, but like you i found uneasy about it. Came off Facebook, asked anyone that took pics not to put then on line. I realise i will not be able to do this forever.

I'm sad to hear how your school treated you and the children. I am head of year 7 (currently on mat leave) and have parents with lots of reasons as to why their children cannot be in photos. Whether this be personal choice or child protection. A child should never be excluded. As children grow, you just need to ensure they are as aware as possible of the risks in line. Feel for all parents, as it is tough. Facebook is the bain of my life at work!

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