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My 13mo son is cows milk protein intolerent, can I give him alpro?

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dollysocks Fri 07-Mar-14 15:24:55

The problem was diagnosed at the end of December, and since then my son has been on SMA Lactose Free formula. This has sorted out the vomiting and upset tummy problems.

He takes the SMA pretty well, I offer three bottles a day, so that I can be confident that he gets enough liquid. And, so that I'm confident he is getting enough calcium.

Recently I have been using soya yogurts and custard to vary his pudding options a bit.

But because I have heard they might not be a good idea, I have asked my GP (and two others) for advice. I'm waiting for the third to get back to me. I have an appointment to see a dietician in May. In the meantime I have been trawling the internet - today the NHS and British Dietetic Association but I am still unsure whether is it is safe to give my son Alpro and other soya products? Or whether there is a sensible guideline amount for children at different ages.

My understanding is that they contain phytoeostrogens that mimic oestrogen which can cause problems with fertility.

All advice gratefully received.

littleballerina Fri 07-Mar-14 15:29:06

Maybe try it in a different topic wink

DS was intolerant to cows milk produce but could tolerate goats milk.

We tried not to give to much soya because of the research with men and fertility.

dollysocks Fri 07-Mar-14 15:44:10

Thank you littleballerina, I don't do these sorts of things often, I didn't realise I had posted in child internet safety.

littleballerina Fri 07-Mar-14 15:50:51

I just mean you may get more traffic in other topics. I think theirs an allergy section but maybe also childrens health etc.

FWIW my DS is now 8 and outgrew his intolerance to cows milk produce.

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