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robertsfd2002 Mon 09-Dec-13 03:13:32

Starting to have problems with 14 year old son either sending pictures or videos or receiving pictures or videos (or downloading inappropriate pictures or videos). Mainly he sends these or receives them through Skype. Usually when he sends pictures its directly from his iPod Touch rather than the PC's hard drive.

Is there any software I can install on the PC that would make a copy of every file sent or received and either email them to me or copy into some hidden folder that only I can access? Especially those files sent and received through Skype.

Thanks for any direction you can provide.

AnythingNotEverything Mon 09-Dec-13 03:40:18

Are you talking about sexting? Step one would be to remind him that storing or sending rude pictures of a minor is a criminal offence - technically it's distributing child pornography.

We're currently investigating how to lockdown DS' iPod. Apparently you can't put any controls on safari but you can turn it off and remove the relevant apps, forcing him to only use PC/laptop which is easier to secure.

Is there a reason you want to record what he's sending rather than stop him?

The quickest way to stop him is to change the wifi password and confiscate his devices.

robertsfd2002 Mon 09-Dec-13 03:44:18

I want to allow him to access the Internet as we're in a remote place and this is how he socializes. I've talked with him and given him the rules that inappropriate files sent or received will result in cutting off access. Now I just have to have a way to monitor and detect if he's breaking the rules.

AnythingNotEverything Mon 09-Dec-13 08:56:56

I really feel for you - this is difficult!

Trust is a big issue but it sounds like this is already fractured. I'd be tempted to block all apps except fb and twitter (or whatever he uses) and then ensure you know the passwords so you can do random spot checks. My DS knows that spot checks are a condition of his access, and we explain that this is for his own safety.

I feel more comfortable with this than covert surveillance.

robertsfd2002 Mon 09-Dec-13 16:49:15

This is in no way covert. I've been upfront to tell him I'm watching him. It's just that I watch everything after the fact and have found instances where he's tried to cover his tracks. He has one more chance and I told him what I'll be doing (assuming I can find something to do what I need to be done).

I don't think there is if he's sending it through Skype. I think, but I'm not sure, if you Skype from a device, all files stay on that device, rather than being on the Skype Cloud, IYSWIM.

It's definitely a lack in the protection software, isn't it? Maybe check with Skype directly and see what parental controls it has?

robertsfd2002 Thu 12-Dec-13 23:49:58

Thanks for the thoughts. I think my only inexpensive option is the monitoring software that logs a list of files sent and received along with date and time and the ability to take screenshots at frequent intervals. View the list of file transfers and then find the point in the screenshot history for that time to see a snapshot of it.

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