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Farahilda Mon 18-Nov-13 20:35:15

i've just spotted that the film DC is watching is not, as I thought, a DVD in the laptop, but is being streamed from and was free.

Does anyone know if this site is OK? Or is it a pirate site to swerve?

AnotherWorld Mon 18-Nov-13 23:29:54

Personally. I wouldn't trust it at all.

Farahilda Tue 19-Nov-13 07:06:54

Thanks - could you explain why a bit more fully? Is it because of malware, or because of copyright issues?

Also, he's been on what looks like a US tv streaming site ( which shows programmes once they have been broadcast in US (but ahead of UK). Do you perhaps know anything about this site?

FiveExclamations Tue 19-Nov-13 07:14:05

Almost certainly breaching copy write if he's watching shows before they are out here and may be subject to adverts of a very adult nature.

Farahilda Tue 19-Nov-13 07:20:19

There are no ads during the programmes on the TV site, and the ones on the page aren't exceptionally adult. I haven't checked the film site.

The TV site is hosted in Tuvalu, but then again so is GMTV's, just because of the catchy suffix. As the programmes have been shown, and are (presumably) available on US-based catch-up sites and (definitely) US-based fan sites what exactly are the copyright rules on this?

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