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Has Your Child Been Cyber Bullied?

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AmeliahNorton Tue 21-Feb-12 11:41:47


My name is Amelia Norton and I am a final year student at university. As part of my final major project, I am currently working on an article about children and cyber-bullying so was wondering if any of you have children who have been bullied online, and if yes, would you be willing to share their experiences?

I'm currently working with schools and the county council in my area to raise awareness of this problem and work towards better legislation to make bullies accountable for the things they say online, so your help could really make a difference to many children's lives.

All names will be kept anonymous so your child's safety will be protected, and the interview can take form of whatever is easiest for you - via telephone, email or even Skype. It shouldn't take longer than about 10 minutes.

If you think you can help, my contact email is

Any help will be greatly appreciated,
Many thanks.

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