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Neighbours identifying your children through facebook

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bonnieslilsister Fri 02-Dec-11 13:34:49

How horrible for you all. I would put this in AIBU as it has far more traffic there and it is about much more than internet safety.

Mellll Fri 02-Dec-11 12:23:33

I have a rather nasty issue with one of my neighbours they are an old couple somehow related to each other.
Since our family moved in the women has been harrassing us firstly over the garden fence by making unpleasant comments,which we ignored then for the last 12-24 months they seem to be stalking us driving in to our cul-de-sac turning to face our house then sitting there making rude gestures and if we are visible staring straight at us,mouthing things.
We have tried ignoring this and also being freindly by waving, this did not stop them and now there has been a sinister turn of events.When one of the children, older ones or younger, walk out alone they are followed by this pair of perverts who leave a minute or so after the children have left, they return within minutes of the childrens return, which would seem that they are following them.I have kept a diary as suggested by a friend and reading back there are loads of incidents i don't understand why the police are not able to act.
Anouther problem is the children using internet social sites i have told them to be vigilant and use the security options.
I am so upset by this and feel at my wits end, the police say it is not a crime,unless they are verbally abused or attacked! Any other agencies i contacted state i need to hand a report to complain to the police, but i know this will be a waste of time, we are a normal family well educated with a very abnormal set of neighbours who are bullies and stalkers!

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