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Making the internet safe for children. What you can do.

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Patters22 Sun 18-Sep-11 00:16:36

Hi there,

My name's Patrick and from this year I'll be study forensic computing
at university with a hope to perusing a career in child online
protection services. My aim is to make the internet saver for
children. I'm writing because HSBC Bank run a competition for students
to make a video discussing how they plan to make their mark on the
world, with a chance to win £15,000.
Well I'm hoping that given the opportunity to watch my video you'll
agree with my cause and give my the full support

This is a direct link to the video:

It's on facebook so you can find with on the page by searching "A safer internet" with this link:{%22page%22%3A%22%5C%2F_competition%5C%2Fvideo%5C%2Frandom%22}

But the first link will take you straight to it smile

All I'm asking is that you follow the link and click vote that is
all,if I win it'll take me so much closer to gaining my goal. Even if
just one person votes I would be very grateful

I look forward to hearing from you

Many thanks,

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