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Not sure if right section. Moshi Monsters

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peanutsschulz Fri 24-Feb-12 20:58:33

Our experience of this site is that it is very, very dangerous indeed. My daughter signed up because a friend of hers told her about it. Two days later (despite her only having accepted 2 friends requests from people she knew and not revealing her password) her monster had been hacked, her monsters room destroyed and worst of all very nasty messages sent to her and to her friends from her own monster. She was very upset and very frightened as were her friends. When we advised Moshimonsters about it they just blamed my daughter saying she must have given her password out which I know she has not. They seem to be very happy to blame children instead of taking a close look at what is happening to the young people they are very keen to get the money out of.
I looked very closely at the term and conditions after this and they are all set up to say that MM bear no responsibility for anything that happens on the site and worse still that they may get third party organisations to post/advertise things on their website but that they can't be held responisble for anything those third parties advertise or do.
There is also no way to remove your details from the site once they're up there so we can't escape.
Be VERY VERY wary of this site.

Moominsarescary Fri 17-Feb-12 07:14:52

My son played on it last year and we paid £30 for a 6 month subscription, he wasn't bothered about renewing it once it ran out though and doesn't play on it any more

h14lrh Fri 17-Feb-12 07:05:53

I am amazed at how quickly children can become addicted to this site. A link was posted from the school website so I thought it would be ok. I was annoyed about the areas for members only and when my daughter bought a member card with birthday money, couldn't believe the cost. We had floods of tears when the membership ran out and all the moshlings and house items vanished. Wenow have regular battles over time spent on the site. Grrrr!! More time on p.c's = less commonication with family.

londonmumof3 Mon 09-Jan-12 21:24:55

Hi Lizmundo

Thanks for sharing what you found. I eventually got a reply from the people at Moshi Monsters, who said they could disable the forums for my children's logins - which at least makes it ok for them to continue to use the site. But the moderation problems are clearly ongoing, and children should not be exposed to these dangers. It's not a safe site, and they shouldn't claim that it is. That's the real problem - they say its safe which makes parents think its ok, without realising their children can access these unmoderated forums.

Lizmundo Fri 02-Dec-11 11:29:05

Hi londonmum, a similiar thing happened when I had a look at the website for my research. There isn't an upper age limit so I was able to create an account for myself and i'm 22. I've just copied this text from my blog post:

"I saw a post on the forum from a user that was titled: “i havent eaten 4 17hrs!!!!!!!” and then commented on the post saying “i dont eat anything frm 5pm”, later on in the post after being questioned why they were posting that information, the user simply said “i jsut fink im fat but im thin thats the reason y i dont eat and im starving now but i wont eat”. Although I reported this comment to the “Moshi Monsters Team”, I do wonder what support that child will have, if their parents know about the problem, and what impact it will have on the other users on the site. "

So that was quite worrying, I didn't see anything like what you mentioned though - that's pretty shocking shock

londonmumof3 Sat 26-Nov-11 21:48:29

My children love Moshi Monsters, and I thought it was a safe site for them - the parents information explains it is moderated. But when I went online, using my son's login to see for myself I was incredibly shocked to find sexual content and possible grooming on the forums. Clearly their filter and moderation systems are not working and leave children exposed to inappropriate and possibly predatory behaviour from adults. Someone on the site had a username of 'yummycum' and their moshling character was called 'fkmydk' - a number of apparently young children were communicating with this person and he was discussing sex. I immediately reported it to the website, but they still took 17 hours to delete this user. I hope Moshi Monsters will take this seriously and fix the moderation problems as the basic concept of the website is great. I feel betrayed by their assurances of safety as detailed in their parents' information section - children are being exposed to potential danger.

Lizmundo Wed 26-Oct-11 16:34:40

that's actually one of the things I'm looking at too Waily smile

WailyWailyWaily Wed 26-Oct-11 16:24:28

I'm sorry but I hate this site and others like it, My DS got into it but its, IMO, just a form of grooming as they soon become bored/frustrated with the free stuff on the site and then pester for a subscription/cards/yearbooks etc. it could cost you a fortune. Its no better than kids TV shows that are basically just adverts for all of the merchandise.

Lizmundo Wed 26-Oct-11 16:12:46

Hi lloyd1,

I've just finished writing a blog about child internet safety and i'm asking for people to comment on what sites their children use so I can complete reviews on them. If you're interested my blog address is:

I'm looking into Moshi Monsters at the moment but i'll need other sites to look at next.

Thanks! smile

readsalotgirl Sun 09-Oct-11 23:00:59

My dd used this and I agree it's a good intro to social netowrking and allows you the opportunity to discuss internet safety. We had some very useful chats about not giving away too much info, how people on such sited may not be who they say they are etc. Was also useful as an incentive - I would buy a membership card as a reward sometimes. She has now moved on to other sites but not FB

EightToSixer Sun 21-Aug-11 16:06:36

My DC use it. They know they are nit allowed to accept people they don't know, they only have school friends on there. I check it regularly (you can see all messages) and they know what info they are allowed to share.
In my opinion IRS a good introduction to computer safety, and to social networking. DD in particular has used it to chat to her school friends in the holidays, they can buy merchandise from their pocket money.

lloyd1 Sun 21-Aug-11 16:01:05

Does anyone have dc who use this site? My dc are obsessed and now want magazine, merchandise etc.

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